One of the easiest yet high impact DIY home decor projects you can do is building a small shelf. It’s simple as far as handcrafting goes and you can design it to make a statement decor piece for display as well as extra storage. So while you can buy cheap shelves in stores and install them easily, just a little bit more effort will give you unique results.

Want to actually build a shelf or two at home yourself? Here are 10 of the most beautiful yet fairly easy projects you can take on. And while you do that, leave some leeway to be creative and allow yourself to drift away a little from the instructions if just to add your unique personal touch.

Tree Branch Shelf

If you want a truly unique shelf to make a whimsical rustic decor statement, try building this branch shelf. Made of real tree branches it is more wall art than a storage unit.

Farmhouse Style Shelves

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Farmhouse Style Corbel Shelves @istandarddesign


These farmhouse style shelves will add architectural interest as much as they bring charm to your decor. The corbels add detail that make it really pop.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

You’ll find industrial pipe shelves in many chic style decor interiors these days so why not make one yourself. Small shelves like these are as useful for extra storage as they are to create wonderful displays.

Letter Shelves

#DIY HOME Letter Shelf @istandarddesign


If you want to create a display that tells a story, letter shaped shelves are great to do just that. Here’s a project for HOME.

Wall Mounted Display Shelves

This is a fancier but still very doable project to build beautiful display shelves. They’re perfect for the space above the sofa and they add some architectural interest as well as a lot of decor value.

Mug Rack Shelves

Do you own a collection of coffee mugs? If you do, how do you display them? A collection should not be hidden away in a closed cabinet, so build this simple shelf just for your mugs and show them off. Also check out our other DIY mug racks.

Plywood Mirror Shelf

Plywood may not be the most attractive option as far as the texture and color goes, but we’d like to encourage you to experiment. It’s cheap and you can easily make a mobile shelf like this. You get a full size mirror to go along with it too.

Window Shelves

We bet you haven’t thought of adding shelves to your windows. It’s certainly a unique idea that brings whimsical decor to the table. You can easily add glass shelves that don’t obstruct the view or light and have plenty of room for plants and other display items.

Decorative Mountain Shelf

There’s a lot of decor value in shelves that are art themselves. Not only they provide you with space for displays, they inherently make decor accents.

Solid Wood 3D Shelf

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Solid Wood 3D Shelf @istandarddesign


Unique design requires some effort but this modular shelf made of solid wood cubes is as simple as it is eye catching. Basically, all you have to do is glue several wood cubes together to make this elegant 3D shape.

Industrial Rustic Shelves

We love the look of industrial rustic piping shelves that provide a lot of decor interest. The warm rustic wood looks inviting and it is met with cold industrial lines. Such shelves provide a lot of room for storage as well. You make them at home by following the DIY tutorial.

Rustic Floating Shelves

Rustic floating shelves don’t take up much space so you can install them in any corner of your house. They will give you extra space for storage as well as display and they will look good while doing so. Check out the tutorial for easy instructions.

Rustic Shelves with Corbels

Rustic shelves with corbels have a lot of charm and architectural interest. You can easily install them on any free space of wall as the floating design doesn’t take up much space. They are perfect for storage as well as display. Build them by following the tutorial the easy way.

DIY Built-in Shelves

Built-in shelves make a great stylish solution especially if you make accent shelves. This tutorial shows how easy it is to makes such a solution in a bathroom. You can use it to build your own shelves anywhere you have suiting space.

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