Do you have an empty wall in your home? There are times when a plain wall works but most of the time you have to decorate it. And since you’re here, you’ve probably made the right decision to do it and you need ideas.

Today we’re taking a slightly different approach to wall decor and we’re picking some of the best DIY wall art ideas. Some of these ideas take a little effort and commitment, others are down right easy. We hope that you find them inspirational and create something great at home too.

This wonderful dreamcatcher works to create an accent wall in the bedroom and as a headboard at the same time. A lovely and quite a bohemian idea.

Here’s a brilliant idea for easily changeable print art – using a clip board as a frame.

Can you see this wall decor idea with rocks and a tree branch in your bathroom?

A wonderful idea for an oversized print art using a split photo that is meaningful to you. It certainly makes a strong statement.



Washi tape is a very easy way to create beautiful wall art yourself without having to commit to painting or decals.

This is just a great play of colors of the room color scheme and the gallery of framed prints that complement it so well.

Here’s an idea for when you want to create something modern yourself. You don’t have to be an artist to create this.



These decals create an instant bohemian vibe.

If you have some old vinyl records, look for wall art no further – here’s how you can create beautiful decorations with the help of some decals.

Try playing with paint and geometric shapes. This idea for an accent wall adds a lot of depth to the room.

Quite a playful idea to decorate a wall with translucent tubes filled with miniature balls.



This can be a temporary statement wall decor idea for a dinner party, or you can keep it permanently if done using faux plant leaves.

Another great idea to use washi tape for a quick wall accent.

This pattern certainly adds depth to the room, and guess what, you can achieve a similar effect with washi tape too.



Split frame art makes a statement like nothing else.

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