Everyone seems to be on the lookout for old windows and doors these days. No, people don’t suddenly fancy living in ramshackle houses. They’re doing it because these items can be turned into some excellent show pieces if you’re willing to put in a little work and have a basic set of tools lying around at home.

Windows — especially the ones that were around in the 90s — are made from high-quality wood that stands the test of time. Not only are they sturdy, but they also tend to be compact. They have nice frames that can be put to good use after you get rid of the glass. Here follow some DIY old window projects, which will brighten up your home.

The Window Map

Don’t know where North Korea is on the map? The handy Window Map can help you pinpoint it, as well as other hard-to-locate places. This project can be done by cleaning an old window and then simply stapling a paper map to it at the back. You can hang it anywhere — in your kids’ room or near a bookshelf.

The Window Coffee Table

A hinge-top window coffee table is easy to make, looks classy, and can be placed in your living room or outside on the patio. The window can be lifted up with a handle, and there’s ample room inside for storage. This cool-looking table can be made with hinges, wood, a window (with panes), and a cabinet handle.

Unique Farmhouse Side Table

Can you get your hands on a few mismatched farmhouse windows? You could turn them into a really quirky farmhouse side table. This project uses windows laid out vertically for support, with a bigger horizontally-laid-out window on top. Click the link for full instructions.

Wreath Window

Do you love flower or leaf wreaths? You could put up one in the center of an old window to bring some cheer to the room. This project is easy to make — all you need is a clean (preferably varnished) window, some fishing wire, a wreath, and a picture hanger.

Photo Display Frame

Photo galleries tend to have these amazing displays that truly mesmerize viewers. Sometimes the frame is just as impressive as the picture being displayed. While you won’t be able to make a gilded photo frame with an old window, you’ll still be able to make an elegant, hanging photo frame.

Old Window Cabinet

If a window can be turned into a hinge-open table, why can’t it be a cabinet too? The Old Window Cabinet has a see-through, pull-open window door, with ample storage inside. You can use it as a display piece or just as a regular cabinet to store your household items.

Window Mirror

The Window Mirror can be hung up in your bathroom, in place of the regular mirror. It looks great, and it doesn’t look out-of-place, despite being unique. All you need is some wood, items for window glazing, tools, and a frame. For a detailed tutorial, please click on the link.

Jewelry Organizer

If you can never find your earrings or bracelets, perhaps it’s time for you to build the DIY old window jewelry organizer. You can transform a window frame into a place to hang all your jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and earrings. All you need is some scrap wood, mesh, and hooks.

Upcycled Old Window Chalkboard

It turns out old windows can double as decent chalkboards in a pinch. If you have a 6-frame window lying around, you can turn into a chalkboard with the help of some burlap, plywood, chicken wire, cork, and paint. You can place it in your room and share your artistic prowess with everyone.

Painted Window Signs

You can simply paint a window your favorite color — like a dark green or purple — and stick it to the wall. There are special paints available that stick well to glass. Alternatively, you could just use a burlap sack — the kind that holds potatoes — and just stick it behind the glass window for decoration. Get more useful information by clicking the link.

Window Mantel

If you don’t have a plus-sized window lying around, you’re in luck: you could place it on your mantel. Small windows, it turns out, looks great there. You can also hand up small meaningful signs or quotes on them — or even tie a wreath — to make them more attractive.

Hanging Garden

The Handing Garden project is for you if you love nature and have a green thumb. You can hang up a window frame — with panes intact — by hooks and plant something on it. Alternatively, if that seems like too much trouble, you can buy a grapevine from Wal-Mart.

Autumn Leaves on Glass

If you’re a dab hand at painting, you’re going to love the Autumn Leaves on Glass project. With the help of regular craft paint, you can draw a circle of beautiful autumn leaves on a window. The leaves look a lot like a decal, except they have more character. Read the tutorial for full instructions.

DIY Old Window Bathroom Cabinet

Hanging small cabinets on the wall in the bathroom is common and it’s a great storage solution. But instead of buying one, why not build something spectacular yourself. This antique vintage look is achieved by repurposing an old window and you can easily get it for your own small bathroom. Check out how it’s done in the tutorial.

DIY Farmhouse Window Decor

An old window frame has always been one of the icons of farmhouse style decor. It’s rustic simplicity is always attractive and we love having an extra virtual window that we can embellish with flowers.