You’re just a few layout tweaks away from making your small living room look much bigger. While you can’t physically extend the space (short of taking down the walls), you can do it visually and it is all about how it feels being in the room more than anything. Indeed, a badly decorated bigger room may seem smaller than a well decorated smaller room would.

So here are 18 tips that you can implement and watch the room space grow visually, so to speak.

Work within Limits



First of all, always keep in mind that you’re working with a limited space and not every decor idea that applies to big rooms can be applied here. It’s better to keep fewer furniture than to clutter the space up, even if it means you’ll only have a sofa with a coffee table and a single chair to make up the entire layout.

Use a Big Rug

Use a tiny rug and you make your room look much smaller than it is because it divides the space visually. A big rug on the other hand anchors the room well and even makes the room look bigger.

Don’t Push Everything Against the Walls

This may seem counter-intuitive but pushing every piece of furniture against the walls trying to save space only makes it look like a warehouse and is one of the most common mistakes in home decor. There are better ways to arrange the furniture to open up the space.

Place Bulky Furniture in the Corner


A big bulky sofa is good for a small room because it actually makes the room look bigger, and it’s actually the furniture that you should place against the wall. Better yet, get a corner sofa that can seat a lot more people.

Place Small Furniture in the Middle

While you should keep the big sofa pushed against the wall, the middle of the room should be occupied by smaller and thinner furniture that doesn’t occupy much space.

Use the Corner Space

Decorating the corners is ever so important in a small room. First of all, it gives you the extra space, but more importantly softening the edges gives the feeling of a bigger space.

Use Vertical Space

High ceiling in a small room is a true life saver. But even if you don’t have the benefit of high ceiling, make sure to use that space effectively for shelving or even if just for wall art.

Use Wallpapers and Mirrors

Small spaces can feel boxed out, so add depth by using wallpapers and mirrors. Using big wall mirrors, in fact, is a great way to create an illusion of a bigger room.

Use Hidden Storage

Remove clutter by storing things in furniture with hidden storage like this coffee table.

Push a Bookcase Against the Sofa

A great storage tweak for a small room is pushing a bookcase against a sofa, this does not only give you extra storage space but an extra surface too. Just remember to use a smaller sofa if you place it in the middle of the room.

Skip the Sofa



Sometimes you’re better off skipping the sofa altogether. Get a couple of armchairs or a love seat instead and leave more open space.

Backless Sofa

A backless sofa is a less common piece of furniture but it actually allows you to create a more versatile layout open from different angles.

Use Plants

Add more depth to the room and soften the edges by using live plants. They’re especially effective in corners or behind sofas and chairs.

Use Multi-functional Furniture

There’s no better setup for a small living room than an ottoman with a tray for a coffee table. Try to add less pieces of furniture but with multiple uses, you’ll have more open space and still keep it functional.

Hide the Extra Seating

A small room doesn’t really have a lot of space to keep a lot of chairs around for guests. A good option is putting the chairs away and taking them out only when necessary. Get smaller chairs that you can put away in the closet or under the bed.

Use “Invisible” Furniture

Transparent acrylic or glass furniture like this coffee table doesn’t occupy the space visually and leaves a more open space feel.

Keep the Space Even



An open plan kitchen is great for a small apartment and you should take advantage of it by not dividing the room visually. Keep the same floor finish, match the kitchen cabinet and wall colors to leave the space unified and visually  bigger.

Don’t Obstruct the Natural Light

Natural light is very important in a small room so make sure to leave an open path to the windows and let as much light in as possible. Mirrors can help you distribute the light around the room as well.

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