Rustic style decor accents charm us with their simple yet crafty look. When you’re looking for an accent you want something that stands out and rustic will definitely do it. We’ve seen it used in many interior design styles, even modern trendy and Scandinavian minimalist looks.

What’s great about rustic accents is that you can do it yourself or get a hand crafted one that will add authentic value to your home decor. Either way we want to see what wonderful things can be achieved in home decor with rustic accents.

Hand Painted Jars


Take some old used jars and paint them. This simple idea can add a cute accent to your kitchen decor.

Handmade Vignettes

Tie a bundle of books with rope, use old bottles for vases, paint an old jar and make a bouquet. Re-using old things that you’d normally throw away can create a wonderful rustic accent for your decor.

Old Ladder Towel Rack

Take an old ladder and use it as a towel rack – that’s a simple yet nice accent.

DIY Wall Decorations




Get creative decorating your walls. Fixing bottles and jars to the wall is a nice rustic accent and you can use them for flowers, plants, or even storage of small things.

Candle Lanterns

Bring old country style as the accent with candle lanterns to your home.

Shelves and Racks



Re-purposing old pallets is a DIY trend and rightfully so. There are many things you can use it for and shelves and racks are one of those things. They give an instant rustic accent to your decor.

Frame a Mirror




Use reclaimed wood to frame a mirror.

Stack Old Boxes

Need a bookshelf or a cabinet with an accent? Simply stack old boxes and you’ve got it.

Coat Hangers

Small things such as coat hangers will add a wonderful accent in a rustic style.

Rustic Benches

You can find many uses for a bench at home but most importantly it makes the perfect furniture accent.

DIY Candle Holders

Can you believe how simple it is to make this rustic candle holder and even though it’s so small it will give a wonderful accent to your decor.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

A great accent for the bedroom is a reclaimed wood headboard.

Rustic Cabinets

Handcrafted cabinets from reclaimed wood or re-purposed old boxes, whatever you use them for in your home will always add a warm rustic accent.

Doorway Brackets

Wherever you have a doorway, a simple addition of a rustic bracket will create an accent with big impact.

Decorative Shelves

Create a wall of display with small decorative rustic shelves.

DIY Tables



Using reclaimed wood to craft a table, such as this colorful old picket fence up-cycling, is a great accent.

DIY Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are easily made of old boxes and pallets, all you have to do is paint them and add little wheels.

DIY Ottomans

Rustic crate otttoman

An old crate makes a great ottoman and it looks just so well.

Tree Stumps in Your Home

Tree stump furniture is a trendy rustic accent in many interior design styles.