While bathrooms are often the smallest spaces in a home, you can still make a big splash in terms of your bathroom decor style. Wall choices like color, paneling, wainscoting or tiles can greatly enhance the small room and turn it into a space everyone will enjoy visiting. Accessories like wall hooks, towels, bathmats, mirrors, vanities, flooring, shelves and tubs all synergize to communicate your style.

When it comes to cultivating a rustic bathroom decor style, it can be as simple as adding some vintage-style accessories and weathered-wood pieces. Textures are another great way to add some panache to a space, regardless of how small. If you are looking to elevate your bathroom decor style, look to the following 20 rustic bathroom decor ideas for inspiration.

Rustic Furniture

Who says there is no place for furniture in a bathroom? Using a rustic refinished side table as a double sink vanity is the ultimate way to bring that vintage rustic vibe into the space. Holes can easily be cut out for the sinks, and the unit’s inside is perfect for housing plumbing and storage beneath.

Farmhouse-Style Sink

Adding a farmhouse style sink is the ideal way to add some rustic charm, as with a mirror above, it becomes the main focal point wall in the space.

Wire-Basket Shelving

Wire-basket shelving is vintage, farmhouse, and rustic all at the same time. They also make practical additions by providing storage for decor or bathroom items like toiletries, washcloths, and toilet paper.

Wooden Bath Caddy

Bath caddies are the ultimate in bath-time luxury. Bathers can enjoy the dry surface space provided while the wooden look charms up the space.

Wall Sign

Adding a wall sign to a bathroom adds a splash of graphic fun to a space, and the rustic wood frame is warm and charming to behold.

Open Shelving

Open shelving made from stained wood planks represents the perfect union of form and function.

Rustic Wood Framed Mirror

As the wall boasting the sink and mirror is generally the focal point wall of a bathroom, making a big pop with a large-scale mirror framed in rustic wood lends that highly sought-after country feel.

Natural-Stone Sink

Installing a natural-stone sink is the perfect ode to the outdoors and brings with it that natural and calming mood.

Pulley-and-Rope Hanging Mirrors

Rather than hanging your mirrors on the bathroom wall in a traditional fashion, why not hang them from pulleys and rope to bring to mind barn-style hardware for the farmhouse feel.

Touches of Wood

Bringing in some touches of wood, like with a wood stump plant stand and stool, instantly warms up a bathroom by bringing in earthy elements from nature.

Rustic Wood Shelf Brackets

Using basic piping or industrial-style brackets to support wood shelves are simplistic, fun, and functional.

Shiplap Walls

What is more cosy and leaves a better impression than shiplap walls? They provide architectural interest and in a bathroom seem the ultimate in cozy cottagey style.

Touches of Galvanized Metal

Adding elements of galvanized metal to a vanity and storage unit instantly adds the farmhouse rustic element so many strive for.

Basket Storage

The great thing about pedestal sinks is that you can add unique storage solutions underneath. Adding baskets looks as nice as they are practical and make perfect holders for extra towels or toilet paper rolls.

Sink Curtain

Adding a curtain below a pedestal sink adds a huge farmhouse-style splash while practically concealing the storage area beneath.

Wood Plank Tiles

Combining tiles in a bathroom that have textural elements and wood plank tiles adds depth and visual interest to a bathroom.


Wreaths are fabulous when it comes to adding a homey welcoming vibe, and in a bathroom, this is no exception.

Mixing Wood and Stone

Juxtaposing wood shelves with stone tiles is as rustic as it gets, bringing to mind the natural elements that we find outdoors.

Claw Foot Tub

For those wanting to add that vintage bathroom style, a claw foot tub will get you there in a New York minute. For bathrooms that have the space for a claw foot, users will enjoy the luxury of a larger tub, plus the big aesthetic splash it makes in the space.

Rustic Wood Sink Vanity

Rustic wood sink vanities are functional and effective. With leaving the front open, storage is easily accessible, while the basket containers beneath just add more touches of rustic ambiance.