Take a plain wall and make it come to life by adding select decorative elements. Choose rustic wall decor if you are aiming for a farmhouse vibe. The down-to-earth atmosphere will make everyone feel welcome.

Below are 20 rustic wall décor ideas to get your started. Some feature DIY projects while others use products from different shops. You should be able to create your own versions using simple materials that are already in your home.

Geometric Wooden Wall Art

Bits of wood form geometric patterns while suspended inside a black frame. The contrast of colors, grains, lengths, shapes, and angles add interest.

Large Wood Collage

The style is similar to the artwork above but made on a larger scale for greater impact. The wooden elements fill up more of the square frame.

Handmade Pegboard

This pegboard is made of reclaimed wood. Artisans created holes and inserted pegs to let users hang anything they want from keys to food. Text can be written on top to identify the contents.

Wooden Heart Coat Hanger

This one is a heart-shaped coat rack that can be hung on any wall. Copy the design or paint it whichever way you like.

Barn Board Wall Frame

Here is a rustic wall décor made from reclaimed barn board and hex wire mesh. Just be sure to clean the wood to make it more attractive. You can leave the paint on or give it a fresh coat.

Rustic Wall Gallery

You can make any room come alive by placing interesting décor across the walls. This one features framed scenes of various birds, along with deer heads and horns from hunting.

Mug and Wine Glass Holder

This square board has hooks for hanging coffee cups and notches for slender wine glasses. Signs add charm and mark he ideal use of these tableware. The weathered oak stain enhances the rustic look.

Hexagonal Shelves

Think outside the box and reimagine what a shelf could be. In this project, wood planks were cut at an angle to create hexagons. They are great for holding décor such as vases, crystals, and plants.

Rustic Kitchen Sign

This wooden board got a gray weathered stain to serve as a neutral background. The creator chose to write the words the best describes their kitchen and draw a simple illustration.

A Rustic Corner

This little corner holds a lot of trinkets including a felt gnome, a reindeer figurine, a yarn ball, a wall sconce with jar, a hanging board, and even some found objects like pine cones.

French-style Laundry Room

A sign proclaims this room’s motto to “wash, hang, fold, repeat”. Vertical wood planks with uneven widths and a weathered look form a unique backsplash on top of the counter.

Farmhouse Window Wall Hang

The top of the couch is always a challenging place to decorate. If you are not keen on using a canvas, then try other treatments such as this example where the owner used an old farmhouse window.

Vintage Wall Sign

Instead of a framed painting, you may also opt to hang a large sign such as the vintage find on this example. The faded gray goes well with the white background, as well as the rest of the room.

DIY Dream Catcher

Anyone can create wall art from scratch. This one uses simple materials like sticks of wood, strings to hold them together, thin colored ropes, and a few feathers. The result is a dream catcher looks great against any wall.

Simple Floating Shelf

This rustic shelf floats on the wall thanks to clever installation. Its main purpose is to hold decorative items such as this Mason jar that was turned into a vase and this small stylized sculpture of an atom.

Wooden Plaques and Miniature Shelves

Shelves can be made even smaller if your purpose is just to have them hold a single object like a potted plant. Make things even more interesting by adding these wooden plaques with burnt leaf patterns.

Mexico-inspired Wall Décor

The rustic wall decor in this picture were inspired by a trip to Mexico including the wood-framed mirrors and paintings. Behold their simple beauty and farmhouse feel.

Rustic Entryway Treatments

On top of the bench is modest wood plank a row of hooks for hanging coats, hats, and decor. A monochrome sign with handwritten text calls on the guests to gather in this space.

Nature-inspired Wall Décor

This hanging fixture brings the colors of nature indoors. Dried twigs are framed in small batches, alternating in horizontal and vertical stretches. The frames were painted green and bolted together by metal fasteners.

Oversize Wooden Clothespin

The humble clothespin takes center stage as wall decoration with its impressive size and beautiful wood grains. These are also functional as each can hold a picture for display.