In the uncertain times in which we live, it hardly comes as a surprise that people find comfort and draw strength from the steady foundations upon which our society was founded. Farmhouse decor is all about re-connecting with that lost sense of basic goodness and abandonment of the over-the-top pretenses of crass commercialization that seem to infect every other sphere of our lives.

Our homes are, or at least should be, refuges from these day-to-day pressures and assaults upon our sensibilities. Farmhouse decor therefore represents a sort of counter-revolutionary impulse in favor of a simpler, safer time when things seemed a lot clearer than the mass confusion which characterizes our world. Here are some beautiful ways in which the family home is becoming a haven once again.

Fit for a King

This fabulous trestle table features an old barn door for its surface. A great piece equally at home in the depths of Sherwood Forest or in Nottingham’s Castle.

The Liberating Possibilities of Flat Screen TVs

Perhaps no greater interior design enhancement has taken place in the last 50 years than the invention of the wall-hanging TV. It frees up entire rooms for more decorative purposes while retaining its basic functionality.

Mantel Piece Equals Center Piece

From ancient times, humanity has gathered around a crackling fire. This stunning example transforms that atavistic ritual into a modern day expression of love, family, and home.

Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Pairing an inviting 20s style bedframe with the coy modern signage above it is a particularly inspired touch that says so much about the joy and happiness felt by the two people who sleep beneath it.

On Sale Then

Retro signage has always been an item that is in high demand for farmhouse decor aficionados. This one works particularly well due to its muted color scheme that is a perfect complement to most farmhouse palettes.

Urban Farmer

Farmhouse decor can be found everywhere, nor are there any ironclad rules as to what it must be. This shabby chic banister is a case in point and yields an image that is more evocative of genteel urban decay than anything else.

Now That’s What You Call Can Lighting

Repurpose is the name of the game when you see these completely original overhead lights. Everybody only has two questions about this daring bit of illumination:  Where do I get some and how do I convert them?

Mantel Piece Must-Have

Just because you don’t have a fireplace doesn’t mean that you can’t create a lovely stand-in for one. Even if for nothing else, those Christmas stockings have to hang somewhere.

The Pallets Are Calling

Pallets are one of the most strenuously utilitarian items in the whole universe. It is often surprising to see all of the different ways in which their humble origins can be transformed from an industrial chrysalis into the butterfly of artistic usage.

And Now For Something Completely Sparing

More is not always better as this sparsely-furnished space attests. Much of its impact clearly derives from its singular focus on a limited range of items.

This or a Home Entertainment Center

Given the choice between this delightfully unique creation or some pre-fabricated assemble-it-yourself cube of particleboard, which would you prefer to have in your home? Me too.

Living on Black Forest Time

Even a single piece can be used to evoke the charms of a bygone era. Such is certainly the case with this cuckoo clock. These are the types of one-off items that all remember but few have ever seen personally.

The Third Element

While much of farmhouse design focuses on the white/dark dynamic, it is important to add a few splashes of color into the mix in order to prevent something from becoming too monochromatic.

Life’s Little Oasis

Not everybody has vast cavernous rooms to work with. At times you simply have to concentrate your efforts on making a particular space attractive.

Knowing What’s Just Enough

One of the hardest aspects of decorating is to know when to stop. There’s always one more great piece you could add– and it would totally ruin the perfection you have already achieved.

From the Bottom Up

Making the decision to go for farmhouse chic in any room is made much easier when you have a delightfully imperfect wood floor to start with. What else could possibly look better on such a foundation?

Better Read Than Dead

This cute little DIY tray is the perfect size for your book and cuppa. Plus you can make it yourself in any fit or finish you desire.

All About Contrast

Much of the emphasis of the farmhouse decor movement lies in the search for contrast– most often seen in the sharp delineation between pristine white and often-distressed but always contrasting wood features.

I’ve Been Framed

Old wood frame windows add real eye-drawing impact and provide a nice tight boundary for the old bureau in the center. Nice symmetrical example of, what else, framing the piece to maximum advantage.

Just the Little Things

Even a sprinkling of assets can significantly alter the overall vibe of any space. That is certainly the case in this instance of minor accessories making a big impact on a definitely non-farmhouse room.

The South Shall Rise Again

Or maybe not, if that bed is as comfortable as it looks. Lovely shiplap walls and genteel plantation elegance provide a unique regional take on the classic farmhouse look.

Roll Your Own

Sometimes you just have to create your own accent piece to complete the ensemble. This homegrown distressed sign shows that you don’t have to wait until you find the perfect piece when it is right there in your mind already.

Timeless Beauty

Elegance never goes out of style, as shown by this lovely hanging lamp.  You can almost hear the piano tinkling in the background.

No, It’s Not in a Kitchen

Instead, this charming antique dough bowl provides the perfect accent for a lovely low-key farmhouse-style bedroom. The name of the game with farm decor is adaptation to new purposes and this one scores big on that front.

Goes Good with Everything

How about a perfect example of why you don’t need to live in a tin-ceilinged Victorian to enjoy the charms of a farmhouse kitchen? This clever island adaptation shows that you aren’t a prisoner of your original home design.

Down the Drain

This is such an effortless looking kitchen sink area that you just know it took a long time and plenty of thoughtful planning to get it to the just right stage.

Comfy Clutter

Wonderful contrast between the stark white cabinetry and plate set with the hyper-distressed table and chairs. With just the perfect added touch of monochromatic accessories.

Not in Kansas Any More

The great Southwest has its own tradition of relaxed and comfortable living that offers manifold opportunities for interior design exploration – as evinced by this bold fireplace mantel.

Your Stuff Goes Here

One of the great delights of farm decor is that you automatically get lots of places to display your special things in settings that just seem comfortably right rather than strenuously contrived.

Farmhouse Dining with Style

Mismatched chairs go perfectly with this traditional farm-style table. The wall pieces also add charm without having to bow down to the gods of conformity.

Plaid Was Always In

This little nookery is all about warm, cozy comfort and features that staple of many farmhouse themes – plaid. Yet it does so in a tasteful and understated way that melds well with the other accents.

They’re Everywhere

Not all farmhouse decor ideas come from the English-speaking world. Here’s a charming and practical little dish cabinet from Germany that is just perfect for that one lonely slice of wall space that you can’t find any use for.

Barn Doors Plus

Here’s a fabulous pantry sliding door that is jazzed up even more with a smartly executed wall-size blackboard lurking behind it when closed. Excellent example of maximizing space to perform multiple tasks.

Just Enough of a Mismatch

Out in the country, you use what you have. This comfy kitchen with its assorted collection of table and chairs is a perfect example of that trend being used to real advantage.

Raised in a Barn?

With these delightful sliding barn doors separating your inside spaces, you may actually be able to answer yes to that question. Perfect for those places where swinging doors would cause a conflict with furnishings.

Shiplap Walls

Nothing says farm style quite like painted wood. These shiplap boards go right over an existing wall and definitely create the proper rural ambiance around which to build everything else.

Old Fashioned Chandelier

Farmhouse and elegance are not necessarily mutually-exclusive concepts as shown by this lovely scrollwork chandelier. Even farmers have dining rooms and this would go perfectly in one.

Farmhouse Glass Ware

Nothing says farmhouse like old-fashioned milk glass serving ware. These stylish pitchers and platters would look great in any setting but are particularly apropos for farmhouse decor themes.