There’s nothing worse than misplaced shoes lying around a living space creating a mess and a real home decor eyesore. Not only it’s distasteful, it is a real nuisance when it comes to finding the shoes you want in a disorganized clutter. Having your shoes organized, on the other hand, doesn’t only look tidy, you can create a decor feature with a clever storage solution.

There are hundreds of shoe storage ideas out there but we have selected 40 of our favorites and we want to help you re-evaluate your own organization at home. We’ve tried many things and have decided on the best clever and the most stylish solutions of the year.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Build pipe shelving to put your shoes on display in industrial decor style. It’s certainly a fun and attractive way to do it.

Shoe Ladder

This shoe ladder is simply brilliant. There’s a lot of decor interest created with it and it creates a wonderful display of your most beautiful shoes.

Hanging Closet Shoe Storage

As a simple and cheap solution, these hanging shoe racks are great. Get them if all you need is to put your shoes away in an organized manner.

Under the Bed Shoe Storage

Love the idea for an under the bed shoe storage unit @istandarddesign

Via Pinterest

These under the bed drawers make storing shoes really effective and very organized.

Wall Mounted Shoe Storage Shelf

Love the idea for a minimalist wall mounted shoe storage shelf @istandarddesign

Via Pinterest

This modern and minimalist shoe storage shelf is brilliant. Install it in your entryway for quick and easy organization of your most used shoes.

Wire Basket Shoe Rack

Wire baskets make a great shoe rack to store them in garage. It keeps the mud away.

Cinder Block Shoe Rack

Lovely idea for shoe storage using cinder blocks @istandarddesign

Via Pinterest

Using cinder blocks for shoe storage is a creative solution. The industrial decor style is interesting and appealing.

DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Unit

Check out how to make this DIY lazy suzan shoe rack @istandarddesign


Installing a rotating lazy susan unit in a cabinet to store shoes is an excellent way to use the space effectively. Even a small cabinet can store a lot of shoes this way with very easy access.

Peg Rack

Brilliant peg rack for shoe storage @istandarddesign

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A peg rack is another great way to keep your shoes organized in the entryway.

Dollar Store Baskets

Clever idea to use Dollar Store baskets for a shoe storage rack @istandarddesign

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If you’re looking for cheap but interesting ways to organize your shoes, using Dollar Store baskets is a clever way to do it. It’s not as visually appealing as far as decor goes but it can easily be used in a garage or a walk in closet.

Shoe Storage Shelves for Small Spaces

Clever shoe storage shelves for small spaces @istandarddesign

Via Pinterest

Here’s another clever way to use small space effectively. Diagonally installed suspended shelves can store a lot of shoes in limited space.

Outdoor Pallet Shoe Storage Rack

Using a simple pallet as a shoe rack is a great outdoor storage solution.

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack with Planters

Here’s another pallet project for a rustic shoe rack and a great home decor accent.

Hanging Shoes in Small Closets

And another simple but effective way to store a lot of shoes in a small closet by hanging them on rods.

DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

Can you make a shoe rack from cardboard? You absolutely can do it in this stackable triangular form. Granted, each module stores a single shoe only, but it’s an interesting and very simple shoe storage idea to try.

Shoe Boxes

Clever idea to store shoes on display in shoe boxes @istandarddesign

Via Pinterest

Storing shoes in shoe boxes may not seem like much of an idea but you can do it in a very stylish way. In this example, all white shoe boxes are used creating a uniform look with labels to keep it organized.

DIY Corner Shelves

Corners are usually dead space so why not use them to store shoes. Install corners shelves as a storage solution.

Glass Door Cabinets

Cabinets with glass doors make for great displays and why not use them to display your shoes. It’s certainly an interesting solution.

DIY Shoe Bin

Love the idea of a rustic DIY shoe bin @istandarddesign


Sometimes you should accentuate it for dramatic effect and you can even do it with a shoe storage bin. Bright yellow works really well with vintage pastels.

Round Shoe Storage Bench

Love the round shoe storage bench @istandarddesign


A round bench with shoe storage is a great unit to keep you organized in a larger space.