First of all, no, this post is not about how to create your own room from the book, the title is coincidental (maybe). Instead, this article is about making away designing a room using only the grey color palette. And I’m here to prove that it is not boring.

You might think using so very little color in the interior design will make your home dull and boring, but you’ll see that the contrary is true. Using the shades of grey can actually give you a lot of flexibility to emphasize almost any element of the decor. Here’s how it works in pictures.

Watch how in this example a simple green plant pops because the grey color scheme of the room provides a monotonic background.

This allows you to layer the colors and bring all and any elements you want into foreground by using a popping color or pattern.

Your eyes are naturally looking for an anchor in the room if the color scheme is soothing, that will be a picture on the wall in this case.


The soothing atmosphere that all grey decor creates is sometimes all it needs.

Brown and beige can be used to extend the grey palette to make it a little bit more lively.

If you want to make really something pop, use vibrant colors, especially red.


Putting it all together, a grey-beige-brown color palette and popping green plants, as a matter of fact, any vibrant color would have a popping effect in this soothing decor.