If you’re dealing with small spaces, keeping home decor functional is very important. Everything you add to the interior design must have its function. And the number one problem that small home owners have is how to hide all the stuff they have without cluttering up their residence.

So here are 9 smart ways how to use all space available to its full potential and create a 100% functional home decor without sacrificing the look (and probably even making it better).

#1 TV Stand Cabinets

You have a TV and you have to place it somewhere. Whether it’s a stand or its hung on the wall, make sure to use it for storage. Get a stand with cabinets and even if the TV is suspended on the wall, use the space underneath it. This is the perfect space for DVDs, books, or display items.

And you can even use a small bookcase as a TV stand for an interesting look.

#2 Ottomans and Coffee Tables

You’re going to have a coffee table or an ottoman in your living room, so get one that has a storage unit built in. That way you can store stuff and hide it out of the view in a very functional way.


#3 Bookcase Behind the Couch

Here’s a sneaky way for extra storage. Place a bookcase behind a couch, whether it’s in the middle of the room or against the wall, it doesn’t matter. Either way you’re using the same visual space and make the couch more functional.

If the couch is against the wall, consider adding wheels to the bookcase so you can draw it out and get even more hidden storage space that way.


#4 Wall Clock

To make your home decor more interesting, get a freestanding wall clock with storage space. You may want to have an accent like a clock as part of your interior design anyway, so might as well make it functional.

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#5 Get Extra Cabinets

If you have free space, use it for extra cabinets or bookcases. It will not clutter up your home and you will have where to store more things or put them on display.



To keep a bookcase look uncluttered, group books by their color, so that books of similar color are in their own bundles. That way it will not seem like a cluttered library but have a good decor taste.

#6 Shared Storage Across Different Rooms

If you have a small kitchen or a bathroom, don’t be afraid to carry kitchen and bathroom items to store in other rooms. That’s especially true if you have an open plan kitchen or the bathroom is next to a hallway. Use cabinets and bookcases to store items from these rooms thus extending their space.


#7 Use Beautiful Storage Baskets

Open shelves can get overwhelmed with stuff and that can make the room look cluttered. To avoid that, use beautiful baskets that will take away that clutter.

#8 Bed Storage

There’s a lot of free space under your bed, don’t let it just collect dust. Get a bed with storage units and make use of that space for linens, covers, duvets, or clothes and other stuff.

Source: hative.com

Source: hative.com

#9 Nightstands with Cabinets

Make sure your nightstands have cabinets or shelves for extra storage, when decorating small spaces every piece of furniture is important. So make it count.


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