When choosing a ceiling mounted light fixture the selection may be lavish, as in cascading crystals, or a simple unadorned design as an Adams chandelier. The style of home, furniture and decorative fixtures influence the kind of chandelier one selects. Consider the size of the space, add the height and width of the room and convert into inches. The resulting is the diameter of a chandelier to fit this room. If the ceiling is high, a taller chandelier is appropriate. The standard size of the lighting compared with the ceiling is two and a half inches for each foot of ceiling height.

If you live in a cabin or rustic style home, a good choice of living and dining area lighting is a minimalistic brass pendant. A vintage bronze frame with five frosted lanterns would be a homey, country look. An elegant wrought iron frame enclosing five antique silver glass vases would be a beautiful yet simple fixture in the kitchen or dining room. Bathrooms need accent lighting too. An antique finished silver single pendant light, or a triple illumination of the same, will compose a finished appearance to the theme of home lighting.

If your preference leans toward a modern ambiance, a rust finished twenty light star burst chandelier adds a soft patina to the metal. It would be a perfect addition to the living room or dining area. Your foyer will sparkle with a sleek polished nickel chandelier with a frosted white shade covering two forty watt bulbs. The soft light from this round lighting fixture is ideal for an entrance.

When choosing a chandelier for the bedroom, an antiqued gold fretwork trellis frame surrounding a swag of romantic crystals is a graceful style. An indulgent one hundred percent crystal, with crystal arms chandelier captures and reflects light beautifully. The silk shades in your choice of colors adds to the grandeur of this unusual lighting.
You cannot go wrong when you embrace the chandelier that speaks to your unique preference.

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