Farmhouses have an undeniable charm. Their unique down-to-earth aesthetic is sorely missed by many of those who live in the city. Urban dwellers can get a bit of that country style in their own homes through carefully chosen d├ęcor. They can even create some themselves.

If you have a bit of free time, then consider trying these DIY modern farmhouse style projects. They involve reasonably priced materials so you don’t have to worry about the budget. They are also fairly easy to complete. Do them on your own or with the family as fun weekend activities. There are plenty to choose from including tables, benches, shelves, and wall accents.

Window Trim

Windows are sources of natural light. Their prominence makes it easy to spot to their flaws, especially around the edges. Hide these blemishes while improving the way they look by adding farmhouse-style window trims. The project is so simple yet the result is so profound.

Easy Candlesticks

Candles can set a nice relaxing mood in a living room. Sometimes they are placed on top of candlesticks to increase their height and enhance their appearance. Instead of buying a few, you can create nice ones in a snap using spindles and blocks of wood.

Round Wood Mirror

Every bathroom should have a mirror. It will be handy when putting on makeup, shaving with a blade, styling hair, using skincare products, and so on. Mirrors also bounce off light and make the small room seem larger. Most are rectangular but you can get them in any shape. This one uses a round mirror and dresses it up with wood framing.

Modern Farmhouse Style Wall Art

Make bare walls come alive with wall art. This doesn’t have to entail the purchase of expensive paintings from well-known artists. You can create your own art and hang it on top of your bed, the sofa, or elsewhere in the house. This project features a graphic pattern that you can modify according to your preferences.

Weathered Wood

A nice way to renovate a room without spending so much is to get second-hand furniture and upcycling them with a new coat of paint, fresh fixtures, and clever effects. Here is one that started with an antique dresser. A weathered wood effect was achieved using mineral paints, brown wax, stain block, and paint brushes.

Coffee Table

There are different ways to infuse character into furniture. The majority of table designs focus on the top surface since it is the most visible part of the unit. Others turn their attention to the legs, including this project that features massive curved columns that make it stand out.

DIY Bench

Don’t build a farmhouse table without making matching benches for it. These should always go together as they look great as a system. They also cost so much less than the items you would normally see at furniture shops and have the perfect size for your dining area. Benches are particularly easy to build as you will see from this page.

DIY Desk

Every home needs a desk where the children can use their computer and do their assignments. The grown-ups may also want one for their home office. There are plenty of ready-made pieces that you can buy but it can be hard to find one that perfectly fits your needs and your room’s dimensions. This tutorial teaches you how to make your own.

Industrial End Table

Arranging furniture around a room can be tricky. There tends be loose ends that need fixing, often by a putting small accent table on awkward spots. This can serve as storage for magazines and other reading materials underneath. The top, on the other hand, can hold drinks and snacks while watching TV. Here’s an industrial farmhouse version that is full of personality.

2×4 Bench

Entryways can be problematic as people are not always sure what to put in the space. Giving guests a place to sit is a good idea. This doesn’t have to be anything grand like a costly sofa. You can build a charming and sturdy bench using nothing but 2x4s, glue, and screws.

Dining Table

This one is a perfect mix of the modern and the tradition. It takes the typical farmhouse table design and straightens up the lines for a cleaner look. The screws have been hidden using pocket holes. The result is a stunning piece of furniture that looks like it might have come from an upscale shop. It is a fantastic addition to any dining room.

Round Pedestal Table

The French certainly have style, from the catwalks all the way to the farmhouses. Their round pedestal table design is a classic. The base is really what makes this stand out from the rest with multiple levels, strong construction, and a bit of flair. This tutorial shows you how you can create your own version for less.

Distressed Shelf

The walls of modern homes tend to be covered in plain white paint in an effort to make the tiny spaces look bigger than they really are. Adding wooden furnishings can turn stark rooms into homey sanctuaries with their warmth. Shelves are not only beautiful additions. They are also highly practical as they optimize vertical space for storage.

Dining Table and Benches

A new dining table can be pretty expensive, so why not just build your own? Get inspired by how simple they do it out in the farms where wood is abundant and simplicity is the norm. This can be paired with any old set of chairs. Better yet, make matching benches that are perfect for hearty family meals.

Window Farmhouse Mirror

Mirrors naturally attract attention so they can have a big impact on any room. Their frame has the greatest influence on their appearance so focus on this if you want to achieve a certain look. An old wooden window frame will be perfect for this type of project. Read how quickly you can build a farmhouse mirror.

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