Since having started our wine making adventure we have acquired a few bottles of wine, so the DIY pallet wine rack seemed like a great place to start! I was home for the weekend and we decided that we were up for a little afternoon project and dad happened to have a pallet kicking around so we got to work.

The process is really simple, or so my dad says! Start by cutting the pallet into two pieces at the center of the side slot on each end. You only need half a pallet for one wine rack, depending on how big you want to make it. Mom and I both wanted one so we decided to make two.

Next, remove the two cross boards from the unused center section of the pallet to form the optional glass rack on the bottom. There is plenty of room for eight wine glasses on each rack, just measure and mark out the slots for the stems.

You will need to install a false bottom into the pallet to hold the wine bottles up away from the glasses.

This pallet wine rack is really just that easy! For me the hard part was finding someone to run the saw, I still need a little practice with the power tools 😉

The pallet we used wasn’t exactly in the best condition so I finished mine with a single coat of white semi-gloss spray paint to give it a white wash look.

Being novice wine makers we even happened to have enough wine on hand to fill the rack! This was a fun and easy little project that just about anyone can do with a few simple tools and I think it looks great! However, my next project is finding a place to hang it! Mom has a bar table and stools in her basement so her pallet wine rack fit perfectly on the wall across from her bar area. I’m a little jealous that she has such a great place for hers, I’m sure I will find a place for my own, I may just need to get creative!

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Source: This article was first published on, but since that website is no longer available we have republished this article to save this wonderful tutorial.