It’s hard to fathom the reason why Scandinavians have always been good with interior décor. Almost everyone in the Scandinavian countries seems to have just about a perfect looking home. The attention to detail and the stylish accessories in their homes is the stuff that dreams are made up of.

If you are someone who thought that you would be set back by a few thousand dollars if you were to aim for that super-stylish look for your home, then think again. There are some simple DIY Scandinavian home decor project tutorials here, using which you can do a complete rejig of your home’s interior, quite literally bringing it back to life.

Birch Piece Candle Holder

Easy, simple and yet stunning, a birch piece candle holder can add a touch of natural accent to your décor. They would be just about the perfect companions for Christmas trees too. Bring in some rustic warmth into your home this season with these cute candle holders. This tutorial will show you how it is done.

Birch Log Fire Lights

Perhaps one of the easiest DIY projects, that is classy at the same time is birch log fire lights. All that you need for the project are a few birch logs and a drill. The entire project would not take more than a few minutes. Check out the tutorial on making birch log fire lights.

Scandinavian Inspired Hanging Photo Frames

Check out this easy idea on how to make a #DIY Scandinavian style picture frame #homedecor #crafts #rustic @istandarddesign


A best way to enjoy your photos, again and again is through creatively done hanging photo frames. This DIY project will involve using three different sized photo frames. The contrast in size would give it an abstract look. Find out from this tutorial and get your creative juices flowing.

Handmade Home Wall Hanging

There is no better way to decorate your home walls then with a mixed media wall hanger. The supplies you will need for this DIY project like pearl dots, dollies, canvas, paper scraps, etc., can all be found in your old craft items from other projects.  Just follow the steps provided in this tutorial and your wall hanger will be ready in no time.

Branch Hooks

Check out this easy idea on how to make #DIY branch hooks for Scandinavian style #homedecor #rustic #project @istandarddesign


Dry tree branches, some paint, simple tools and some effort from your side is all that is required for this DIY project. Depending on the look you want- classy or rusty, you can choose to either paint the branch or leave it like that. This step by step tutorial will teach you how to go about the process.

Scandinavian Inspired Coat Stand

Check out this easy idea on how to make a #DIY coat rack #Scandinavian style #homedecor #crafts #project @istandarddesign


As winter sets in coats lying all around the house can create quite a clutter. One of the best ways to manage the mess, a Scandinavian inspired rustic coat stand. As a DIY project, it is also very simple too. You can find the simple steps required in this tutorial.

Giant Peg Board

One of the oldest and popular DIY ideas going around, an oversized peg wall can add both aesthetic value, apart from being a functional design idea. They are a great idea for filling out large empty wall spaces. Check out the tutorial for the steps and the materials that you will need.

Mid-Century Plant Stand

Mid-Century inspired furniture ideas seem to be the flavor of the season. A DIY Mid-Century inspired plant stand would definitely add some visual interest to your living room. You can tuck them under the windows or place them in any of the corners of a room. For more details check the tutorials.

Mounting Staghorn Ferns

If you want to bring some green inside your home, then there is no better way than mounting staghorn ferns. With their splendid long leaves and eye-catching hue of green, they can bring any dull and drab wall in your home back to life. Just follow the instructions given in this tutorial.

Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter

One of the cutest DIY ideas that you can try is that of a leather and brass teardrop hanging planter. Again, the supplies would be bare minimum for making what is perhaps one of the cutest DIY ideas. This tutorial will show us how to make this idea a reality.

Textile Wallpaper

A few pieces of old fabric, some paint and your imagination. Well, that’s all you will need to create some wonderful textile wall papers for your home. They are generally every kid’s favorite. Try out a design theme based on a favorite cartoon character. Find out how to create charming wall papers without any weaving by going through this tutorial.

DIY Ladder

A DIY decorative ladder would not only make for an excellent addition, whether it is a wooden one for a rustic look or a metal one, for contemporary chic. From hanging your towels to jackets and towels, not only would a decorative ladder look good, it would also be a functional piece of equipment in your home. Find out how to make the ladder in this tutorial.

Wine Rack

Check out this easy idea on how to make a #DIY minimalist wine rack #scandinavian style #homedecor #crafts #projects @istandarddesign


Perhaps one of the simplest DIY project that you can try is a minimalist wine rack. All that you need for the project are a few screws, some leather straps and of course, wine bottles. Make your wine bottles accessible, while also ensuring their protection. This tutorial is there to help you get started with the project.

Mid-Century Hair Pin Table

The Mid-Century modern design is back with a bang. Why not try a DIY Mid-Century hair pin table? While purchasing the real thing could be quite expensive, you can easily create the table with no worry about the cost. Every step for creating this wonderful piece of furniture is discussed in this tutorial.

Scandinavian Wall Art

Bring out the creative artist inside you, whenever you are looking to add a touch of elegance to any room. You can create wonderful pieces of Scandinavian wall art with everyday objects and supplies that you can find in your home. This tutorial will teach you how to do it.

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