It is said that it takes more than four walls to make a home. While this may be true, if the walls of your home reflect your idea of beauty, they would make your space so wonderful to live in. If you are worried about your living room walls making your home look boring, here are some ideas you may like to try.

Color it Right

It is important that you choose a wall color that suits the color scheme of the room. Pastel colors are great for your walls, if you want to make the living room look bigger and airier. If dramatic art works or photographs grace the walls, you could opt for a richer hue such orange or yellow. It will create the perfect background for the art.

Texture for Interest

Consider wall treatment options. You do not need to limit yourself to traditional paint and wallpaper. Texture adds an element of interest to the walls. You have many choices to select from including specialty paints and wallpaper with texture. The use of plaster paints can make your walls appear like traditionally plastered ones. Grass and bamboo wallpaper will make them look anything but boring. How about a 3D shape or panel for your living room? You can choose a motif that you love or one that is repeated in the room. If you do not want to use a wall treatment for all the walls, you can choose to apply it on only one wall. This would make it the focal point of the room.

Frame it Well

The paintings and photographs that you decide to hang on the walls should be framed well. A well-chosen frame can do wonders for the art that it showcases; otherwise it could mar the impact. For instance modern or contemporary art would look out of place in a heavy, ornate frame. It is important that your home reflects your idea of style and beauty, and not that of experts. Go with d├ęcor options that are just right for you and your loved ones.

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