Maintenance of Bamboo flooring

In my previous article discussed the use of bamboo for the floor, as the sequel I discuss  how to care for bamboo flooring.  Remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Maintain your regular bamboo flooring using a special product vitrified flooring. To be avoided: soap and water, detergent-based fats, products containing chlorine or ammonia.  If you drop a liquid on bamboo, wipe with a damp mop and then a dry cloth.

Bamboo flooring is very durable, but like hardwood, it requires special care and maintenance to remain in good condition. A bamboo flooring needs to be protected against the elements that could stain, warp, scratch or damage the surface or advice.
Proper care bamboo flooring can go a long way to ensure performance and longevity of the floor. It is important to take preventive measures and simple to clean a part of your daily routine. Read below to learn how you can take care of your bamboo floors and keep good for years to come.


* Clean up spills of liquids and to prevent your floor swelling, cupping or fade. Remember to bamboo flooring dry completely.
* Use of carpeting in high traffic areas or where spills may occur, such as kitchens, entrance halls or bedroom doors.
* Make sure rugs and carpets are colorfast. Dye can bleed and cause permanent stains bamboo flooring.
* Avoid carpets or rubber mats at the bottom. rubber can cause scratches, trapping moisture and prevent the bamboo flooring can “breathe”.
* Keep all carpets clean and dry. Be sure to check underneath frequently to the accumulation of moisture or dirt.
* Remove high heels before walking on bamboo floors to avoid lumps and bumps.
* Keep the nails of your pets or hat trimmed their claws to minimize scratches.
* Use a thick cloth or felt (sticky-back) protective pads under the edges of base cabinets or along the bottom of feet of furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, etc.) to avoid gouges.
* The wheels are small wheels on a swivel, set under a piece of furniture or machinery. They can be made narrow, and / or plastic or metal that can cause rough bumps. To help minimize dents, replace all the wheels with floor protectors or wide, fabric-covered wheels.
* Bamboo floors can fade a little more time. Moving carpets, furniture and other surfaces regularly held on the same natural color change.
* Use blinds, shade screens, or curtains to screen direct sunlight and help prevent fading.
* Keep your warranty to keep track of your humidity. Home humidity levels must be maintained between 35-60%, by using a humidifier or dehumidifier. Too much moisture can lead to bamboo flooring to swell, while too little moisture can cause the ground to reduce or crack.


* Use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer of your flooring or professional. Failure to do so could void your warranty.
* Before cleaning, broom or vacuum to remove dust, dirt, gravel and pebbles.
* Use gentle cleaning tools such as mops, mops and brooms. When cleaning, make sure the brush is just moist. Vacuum cleaners, especially those with a beater bar, are generally not recommended for most types of bamboo floors.
* Avoid using steel wool, scouring pads, wet sponges, brushes or rags.
* Shake area rugs and carpets out to remove dirt that can be gathered below.
* Wash Vacuum carpets and floor on a regular basis.
* Follow the instructions and recommendations on the floor cleaning product packages carefully.
* Avoid the following: acrylic floor wax or other oil soap, strong detergents, ammonia, vacuum cleaners, or abrasive cleaning powder, corrosive chemicals or other household cleaners .
* To remove the sticky spots, gently rub the floor with a soft, slightly damp.
* Immediately dry the whole area was cleaned with wet products or cleaning tools.

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Gardening in limited area I

How to anticipate and limited land left for parks in your home? The question most often haunting homeowners. The desire to get a green garden and limited land is an issue that can be solved with creativity.
Many steps can be taken to bring the green garden in a limited area. The first article discusses the plants in pots or can also by planting various crops in a single container or also known as the grouping plan. Excellence in container gardens like this are easily moveable. When tired of putting it on the terrace, you can move it into the house.
To create a garden in containers, choose plants that should be easy to maintain, such as succulent plant family. Sanseviera or better known as tongue-in-law is one of the succulent family is beautiful enough to decorate your small garden. This park can you name sanseviera mini garden.
Choose a Little
At least there are more than 60 species of sanseviera. Because the land in a fairly narrow container, then choose sanseviera with small size or dwarf. In general, there are types whose leaves grow sanseviera extends upward and some are short and rounded leaves.
There are 3 variants sanseviera whose leaves are short, which is Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Golden Hahnii “, Sansevieria trifasciata’ Silver Hahnii”, and Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii. All three types can be applied in the mini park.
According to the rules of making a mini park, the composition of existing plants must be balanced. That is, low height and color of the plant must be considered. For this mini sanseviera park, you can use this type of Sansevieria trifasciata leaves extends upward like Sansevieria “Bantels Sensation” or Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii.
Getting the Natural Impressions
Mini gardening is almost similar to set the park in general. In addition to arranging the plants, we also need to regulate the use of sand and stone as a sweetening element, so the garden looks more beautiful.
Sand used in the mini park sansiviera as shown in the picture is kind of poor sand and sand Flores. This element serves to give the impression of a natural park, although placed in the container.
In addition to the use of elements of sand and stone, shaped like a container for garden natural stone made from cement and sand mixture.
Well, if you want a hobby farm but a narrow area, you can try to make the park a mini sanseviera.
Care and placement of
Sansiviera treatment plant is not too difficult. Watering is not necessary every day, and enough leaves are sprayed with water. Do not be too much flush with water for these plants are not too fond of water. Too much water it will cause the leaves decompose quickly.
For placement, this park can be placed indoors or outdoors. But this garden is a good idea not exposed to the sun continuously. When exposed to direct sun, over time the leaves will change sanseviera. Green leaves will turn darker. While the yellow leaves will turn slightly pale yellow.

5 Steps Makeover Guest Room

Though homeowners give quite a bit of time on living rooms, kitchens, and bathroom remodels, guest rooms are one of the most often uncared for spaces in the house. If you’re planning on having overnight guests within the next year, consider remodeling your guest room to make it more attractive and welcoming.

Step 1: Refreshing Spare Room Walls and Flooring
First, examine the condition of the walls and flooring. Is the paint looking boring?  Is the wallpaper old-fashioned? Painting is the easiest and most inexpensive remodeling step, yet it can at once create a fresh atmosphere that friends or family staying in your guest room will appreciate. Keep in mind that neutral or warm tones are generally the most inviting. If you want to put up new wallpaper, choose a nice soft pattern with a border to keep it simple.

What is the condition of the flooring? Is the carpet stained or worn? If so, replacing it with new carpeting will change the look of the entire room. If the carpet is in decent shape but a little matted down, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. If you have hardwood flooring, simply adding a new area rug will give your guest room a warmer touch and will make the area softer underfoot and more comfortable for visitors.

Step 2: Organize a Color Scheme
After deciding on colors for the room, try to coordinate comforters, sheets, window treatment, throw pillows, and chairs to match. A unified color scheme looks elegant and will make guests feel special.

Step 3: Enlarge Guest Room Storage Space
No one likes living out of a suitcase. No matter your guest’s length of stay, it is considerate to create storage space for their clothing and personal items while they are visiting. Clear out a drawer or two or make some space in the closet where they can hang clothes. Be sure to tuck some extra toiletries and fresh towels in one of the drawers as well!

Step 4: Consider Bathroom Access
How is the bathroom access from your guest room? Do guests have to walk down a long hall to get to the bathroom? If there isn’t a convenient bathroom near the guest room and space allows, maybe a small bathroom could be added and sectioned off within the room. This would require a larger budget but if it’s possible, your guests will be grateful.

Even a half bathroom could be added for extra convenience. This is an especially good idea if your family has frequent houseguests. A private bath in the spare room is a convenience that your company will appreciate, and will also cut down on crowding in the existing bathrooms when visitors come to town.

Step 5: Final Touches to Complete Your Guest Room
Sometimes the details can make all the difference in the world. Any of the following additions to your guest room will be much appreciated by all visiting guests: alarm clock, TV, radio, phone, reading lamp, fresh flowers or plants, and recent magazines or books.

Think about all of the things that make you feel comfortable when staying in someone else’s home and aim to include any luxuries you can afford in your guest room renovation. Even a few quick and simple touches can make all the difference, and your guests will surely thank you.

Right Furniture to Right Room

There are plenty of options for the selection of living room furniture banks. They come in different sizes and shapes and are available at an affordable price. Be sure to choose the best from the sofa and room for decorating. There are some important assumptions, the selection of them carefully.

Material: The material, the expected lifetime of the long term should caution was. Italian leather, solid wood, durable material is a good choice of material for the living room bench.

Modern living room furniture-design-black-flower-shaped coffee table
Ideas-for-the-decorating-your-beach house

This should correspond to your taste: There are a variety of designs, and make sure they adjust to fit different models to suit your taste and the requirements for selection. Enter your personal preferences and select models.

Luxury Living Room Furniture-black design black sofa table and chair

It should fit into the living room: It is important that the dimensions of space and furniture, to measure the size of what you see. This ensures that the accessories will fit perfectly into your room and beautifying the neighborhood.

Original source-lounge-interior-design-modern-furniture-glass-pyramid-table

Works with other products: It is recommended that the right combination of textures and structures for use in your living room.Arrange them clean and should be no confusion now, furniture.
Make it easy: The most important criterion in the selection of lounge furniture banks. They should help to emphasize when you are at home to relieve not only for meetings.

Luxury master living room furniture design large sofa elegant gloss

There are plenty of shops with large patterns. Most of them are elegant, and it will do a lot of time to choose the best people. There are many websites that provide information on all makes and models. You can go through a series of proposals is the best place, the living conditions of your choice.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and when the heart is bigger, so obviously the rest of the body is not really good. It is why your personal nutrition center must be at the top level, and it is good to serve you efficiently and easily.

Bedroom Idea’s

bed, bedroom, makeoverMake a budget-friendly bedroom by learning to do it yourself. designed a sophisticated headboard from an old door and even built their own cornice boards to highlight the windows.

We also made the cornice boards, in the pic they do draw attention, but in the room they are actually chocolate brown with a dot detail and sort of blend in better. I actually had cream silk dupioni material panels on them too, but it seemed heavy. Maybe not..

The paint color is “Interesting Aqua”. It is an old Sherwin Williams color, but most paint stores can still look up the formula. This Pottery Barn bedspread has gotten quite the comments!! haha! I am not crazy about putting an area rug on top of carpet so I thought I needed some pattern for interest.

I almost never pay full price for anything! Two pictures above the headboard in our room, sailboats on the water. than

Landscape Lighting IV : END

Choice your Light and Transformer

There are many types of landscape lighting equipment to put the light right where you need it. Lighting straight carries a variety of different style of each light type, for every area or task you can think of.

For walkways and driveways:

Path light such as pole lights and hanging path lights

Silhouetting, spot lighting, grazing of textured surfaces:

Spot light, Flood lights, tree or wall-mounted lights

Up-lighting through trees out of a well or pond:

Pond light, submersible underwater light

Lights for a covered patio or gazebo:

Hanging light, hanging planter light

Functional light for decks and patios:

Rail mount, column mount, step lights

Miscellaneous lights for specific functions:

Barbecue light, sculpture lights, birdbaths


when you have chosen your lights, it’s time to figure out where to put them and how to power them. That’s where a transformer, a bit of sums and a touch of creativity come into

Step 1: Add the total wattage of all fixtures

The transformer must be equal to or higher than the total watts. If you think you may add fixtures to your system in the future, a higher wattage transformer is recommended. Transformers come in a wide variety of wattages from 60-1200 watts.

Step 2: Decide where you want to install the transformer

Be sure to install the transformer near a power source or outlet, and as close to your lights as possible to minimize cable runs.

Step 3: The transformer itself

Transformers vary in style and quality. It’s up to you to choose which one is right for your lighting plan and yard.

An optional photocell for dusk-till-dawn operation and timer are excellent choices, both as an energy-saving measure and as a security precaution if you should leave town.

Most transformers are installed on an outside wall and can be either hardwired or plugged into an outlet.

Landscape ligthing II : Themes and Techniques

Landscape lighting themes vary wildly, thanks to several manufacturers providing dozens of products. Modern re-interpretations of traditional lantern lights are extremely popular today, while rustic-themed lights lend a natural touch. Classic lighting paves the way with elegance and refinement.

Path Light greet your guests with style, create just the right first impression and generate a sense of security and protection on pathways and around your home.

Deck and Rail Lights are perfect for a porch or patio.Other options for landscape lighting include Accent Lights and Flood Lights that can mount into the ground or on a wall surface or tree.

Lighting at Landscape (I): A Basic

Landscapes of almost any size and shape can be illuminate effectively with low-voltage landscape lighting. This is meant to show you how easy it is to buy and install this custom, yet cost-effective, outdoor lighting solution. With a little creativity and some gardening tools, your yard could be looking good day and night.

We always want to feel secure at home, and landscape lighting provides it in two very important ways.

  • The darkness itself could make your home a target for an intruder, and well-lit front and back yards provide greater visual capabilities. An intruder would most likely skip it and move onto a dark home where they are not so visible.
  • Lighting helps visitors reach your home safely. Many pathways have uneven pavers or troublesome transition spots from driveway to sidewalk, and provide many opportunities for tripping. Landscape lighting can illuminate problematic areas and protect against potential liability.

Increase the value of your home

Landscape lights adds instant curb appeal and make your landscape vision. You can create dramatic, professional-looking effects through shadows and silhouettes with low-lying bushes, or bounce the light off majestic trees.

Easily and safely installed

Low-voltage landscape lighting does not require an electrician or inspection, and, unlike some other electrical work, is safe to install. If you have passion, plants and a plan (and don’t forget a shovel), this is a rewarding and attainable do-it-yourself project

The flexibility factor

It’s inevitable. Your yard will almost certainly change its look over the years due to décors and trends, as well as growing plants that block light or that BBQ station or hot tub you have your eye on. As your landscape changes, so can your landscape lighting. Whether you decide to expand your yard’s lighting or cut back for a minimalist look, landscape lighting can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

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Contemporary Furniture: Fire-made-of-metal

The courts are usually built on the outside of the center of a housewith the house surrounding. If more than one door into the yard.
Luxurious-art-decoration: ”outside” living room

Enjoy activities, direct at your fingertips, including fishing,swimming and boating. You can even by the parties on the lake and invites friends to enjoy good time on one.