12 Impressive Mirror Uses in Home Decor

Last updated on November 20, 2015

Mirrors are there not only for you to check yourself out but they can also be used to create an impressive interior design. And here are 12 truly beautiful uses of mirrors in home decor.

Framed Mirrors Art

When you use such an intricate frame, mirrors can create wonderful art pieces.

3 Mirrors

Don’t know how to make a simple mirror look interesting? Use repetition.

Bedroom Wall Mirror

And to make your bedroom mirror more interesting you can use beautiful lamps to light it up.

Bedroom Headboard Mirror Art

Now this headboard is true art. Not only mirrors are used to create a spectacular decor but the crystal garlands bring it all together for a great impact.

Big Full Wall Mirrors

What’s interesting in this room are not the mirrors but the psychedelic painting juxtaposed to them which creates an interesting decor effect.

Freestanding Mirror

Free standing mirrors fit very well in vintage antique design.

Love Mirror

Letter art works with mirrors too – it’s a great way to make the room look fancy.

Mirror Wall Art

More mirror art. While this is a manufactured design, a cool and cheap alternative is using mirror shards to get a similar effect.

Multiple Mirror Decor

Going all out on mirrors. This design has also a practical purpose as the reflected light from the windows distributes room lighting very well.

Round Wall and Ceiling Mirror

There are wall mirrors, there can be ceiling mirrors, and this is a wall-ceiling mirror. Very interesting design that makes use of unconventional ceiling angle.

Round Wall Mirror

One word – vintage, and we love it.

Wardrobe Mirror

What’s beautiful in this decor is not the mirror itself but the whole wardrobe design.

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