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Home decor can add great aesthetic value to your home and it does not have to be costly. There are many low-cost home decor ideas which the average homeowner can implement to make their home feel welcoming and beautiful as well as look stylish. The following are 7 home decor ideas on a budget:

1. Use Colorful Pillow Covers

You can improve your home decor by simply installing colorful floral linen-cotton pillow cases on your cushions. These bold cushions can energize a simple sofa and improve the ambiance in your living room.

Colorful Pillows

2. Showcase a Collection

The fireplace can be a superb display area for any type of collection. When the fireplace is not in use during summer, you can arrange a collection of colored ceramic vases of different shapes, heights and sizes to become the centerpiece of your home decor.

Vase Collection on a Fireplace

3. Use Rope

Take a piece of rope and wrap it around a flower vase. Use glue to hold the rope in place and paint over it to improve its aesthetic appeal. You can do the same thing to lamp shades to ensure every object in the living room has an aesthetic value.

Vase with Rope Decoration

More ideas with rope…

4. Go to the Extreme with Colors

You can upgrade the decor of a dull room by adding a vibrant color, such as red or green. Buy a green area rug and put it on hardwood flooring under the dining table. Add green blossoms and pictures in green picture frames to match the green area rug.

Vibrant Color Rug

5. Light and Cluster Candles

Put white candles of different sizes and heights in transparent glass containers and light them up. The candles should then be placed in a cluster on a coffee table.

Candles with Rope Decoration

6. Use Oversize Books to Your Advantage

If some books cannot fit into your bookshelf, just stack them up on a flat surface, such as a small bench or the space above your fireplace.

Decorating with Books

7. Put up a Large Mirror

Mirrors always make small spaces appear larger. They also reflect light and can add a little bit of drama to your living room.

Decorating with a Large Mirror

Try out some of these budget home decor ideas and improve how your home looks without breaking into the bank.