7 Ways to Make a Picture Wall Work

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A wall of family photos and pictures is what makes your home personal, cozy, it’s what makes your home yours. But you can’t just hang some pictures randomly on the wall otherwise you’re risking to break your home decor that you’ve been creating so thoroughly. Here are 7 great examples of how to organize a picture wall and make it look natural.

Classic Picture Wall

This picture wall is classic – neatly organized pictures with identical frames ensure the perfect order and harmony in the overall interior design.

Bedroom Picture Wall

Your bedroom wall leaves the perfect space for a picture wall if it’s just plain empty. Such a big space allows for some play of position and shapes of the picture frames.

Chaotic Picture Wall

This picture wall is a Halloween decoration and shows a great example of how you can use it to get your home ready for holidays too.

Ordered Picture Wall

Neat order in limited space makes it all come together.

Picture and Art Wall

You can intermix your photos with art pictures to create a full picture wall out of few personal photos.

Picture Wall with a Mirror

The use of a mirror works as the center around which the rest of the pictures gravitate.

Wall Art and Picture Wall

And finally you can break all borders and use wonderful wall art to serve as the frame for your picture wall.

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