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Basic Kitchen Color Ideas

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Your kitchen is one of the busiest parts of your home. It’s not surprising to think of ways to make this area livelier because after all, no one wants to eat or prepare food in a gloomy looking place. One way to do that is to improve the color of your kitchen. It can be challenging to tell instantly what shades would satisfy your taste or match the theme of your home so here are some kitchen color ideas that you can try.


Yellow often signifies brightness, energy and warmth. If you have kids and you want to make Saturday and Sunday mornings livelier, this color may suite your kitchen walls. There are various shades of yellow so you surely won’t run out of tones to choose from.


Red is often associated with romance, but it can also do other wonders, such as emphasizing your wall cabinets. This color is very versatile and can be matched with various designs, too. Whether you want to show your artistic side or simply want your space to look a little more romantic for you and your partner, red is a good color for you.


Blue comes in various tones, so you can choose whether you like it dark or light. This color also works well in most kitchens, as blue often creates a feeling of relaxation, coolness and cleanliness. Blue can be mixed with other colors and can stand out really well even when mixed with very bright tones.

These are just some color suggestions that you can play with. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask for suggestions from house painters and designers. They can help you mix and match various designs to create the output that you really want. You can also check out palettes and colored tiles to improve the look of your kitchen.

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