Condos in St Paul – A Neighborhood for Every Personality

Last updated on December 5, 2019

Are you looking for a change of location and desperate to try something new? Considering heading to downtown St Paul, but not sure what to expect? Read on for our ultimate guide, and you’ll be living like a native in no time!

What's Inside

The Basics

Before we get started, let’s grab a brief overview. St Paul is the capital city of Minnesota, with a population of 306,621 in the 2017 census. The area offers an intriguing combination of bustling streets, rich history, and wide-open spaces – there really is something for everyone!

The City of Neighbourhoods

One of the major appeals of St Pauls is its variety and vibrancy. The entire city is divided into mini neighborhoods, each with a distinct character and personality. Whether you are looking to explore lavish cathedrals, or head back to nature, you can do both in a day with this city as your base!

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Cathedral Hill

As the name suggests, this is home to the cathedral, which names the city and offers a wonder of visual culture, which is sure to take your breath away. This area is also home to an array of fine dining establishments, some seriously stunning architecture, and even “A house below average on the street above the average,” – welcome to the childhood home of F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Como Park

A huge draw for families, Como Park, is home to the only free zoo and botanical garden in the country; the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Head to the lakeside for some downtime, and enjoy incredible live musicians and some of the most delicious dishes in the region at Spring Caf.

Creative Enterprise Zone

Artists and aspiring creatives, step this way! Ever since 2013, this is a zone for artists, makers, and creators, and you can enjoy everything from brand new breweries to the most curious crafts – this is a must-stop spot for beer lovers!

East Side

The East Side is famed for its food and is home to the much loved ‘Saint Pauls Eat Street’ – a smorgasbord of amazing culinary delights. Visitors and residents can also relax with a stroll and round of golf on Lake Phalen, and visit the Indian Mounds Regional Park – an incredible site of 450 million-year-old limestone and sandstone bluffs overlooking Downtown, and six Native American burial mounds.

Frogtown and Rondo

A hotbed of cultural diversity, Frogtown was the settling place of many immigrants and visitors from Africa, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America. This diversity is reflected in the vast range of businesses.  You can enjoy cuisine from across the world, and try a taste of the globe from China to Vietnam! Rondo also offers a wealth of history, with roots in the Civil War.

Highland Park

Enjoy a rural idyll tucked away in the big city with Highland Park. Trek gorgeous river trails and marvel at the spring-fed falls while taking in a deep breath of delicious fresh air. The Highland Theatre also offers some of the classic movies, while you can refuel at the famous Cecil’s Deli – a firm favorite of the area.

Grand Avenue and Summit Avenue

With 26 blocks dedicated to shopping, retail addicts will be in serious trouble. Anything you could ever need can be found on these streets, and Grand Avenue has another string to its bow, as one of the top foodie spots in the city. You can also marvel at beautiful Victorian architecture as you go and pay another visit to F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose ghost can be seen all over this town.


Another up and coming hotspot, Lowertown, is the perfect place to build something new. The Saint Paul’s Art Crawl is a chance to discover art and beauty in the most unexpected of places, while the focus of the Minnesota manufacturing industry gets a rebirth in time for the modern age.

North End

Step back in time with a visit to the North End and pay a visit to the Minnesota State Capitol building, as well as the Oakland Cemetery, which plays host to the graves of top politicians, including Alexander Ramsey, Henry Sibley, and William Marshall. This zone also marks the start of the 18-mile Gateway Trail, which traverses all the way from Saint Paul to Stillwater.

Selby at Snelling

Seriously upmarket, this is an area dedicated to some super cute vintage boutiques and unique restaurants, and this the perfect place to head if you are looking for the quirky, the eclectic, and the unusual!

West Side

Situated just south of Downtown, this is the home of water activities in the city; dare to brave a kayak excursion, take a boat out onto the Mississippi River, or enjoy a leisurely walk while taking in the Latino vibe – complete with mouth-watering authentic cuisine!

West 7th Street

The character of Saint Paul is visible in one of the oldest areas of the city. You can see it in the restaurants, breweries, and spaces which now fill the area.


For the hottest hub of entertainment, the only place to head is Downtown. This is the heartbeat of the city and encourages you to lose yourself in a riot of color, food, smells, tastes, and experiences. Start an evening at the theater in serious style, then head to one of the top choices for dining and enjoy a night of sophistication, or kick off a gig by your favorite band and enjoy some high-quality street food. At the end of the night, head to the river and drink in the view – along with anything else you fancy thanks to the enormous variety of bars! The night is young, and Downtown invites you to enjoy it.

Where should you live?

If you are intrigued by the magic of Saint Paul, the world is your oyster in terms of real estate – condos for sale in St Paul are considered hot real estate! Rossmor Lofts is an example of one of the many choices for those wanting to dive into the very heart of the city. This location will give you a chance to really enjoy and make the most of everything there is to explore and discover. The 1916 architecture of this unit means you can feel like you are living in the historical past, with all of the benefits and advantages of modern conveniences and cutting edge glamour.

For a city which offers it all, why not make Saint Paul your next home – you never know what experiences you will discover around every corner!

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