Handcrafted And Eclectic Styles Dominate Furniture Trends

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The most popular furniture trends incorporate luxury, creative recycling and versatility. Individuals shopping for new pieces will find designs in classic, retro and contemporary styling, with upholstery using traditional and new materials, along with exotic and ethnic motifs and patterns.

Modern interiors often combine gilded antiques and fabric such as velvet and silk, with carved wood accents and industrial metal details for a style that is fresh and unique. Combinations such as these has led to an eclectic style where nothing, if anything at all, matches. When mixing and matching furniture, usually one or two large pieces per room provide a focal point around which everything else is based.

Small batch furniture production is also gaining in popularity. A portion of the general public has begun to balk at mass produced furniture from China that may be pumped with harmful chemicals. Not only does small batch, handcrafted furniture not have toxins, you won’t see your piece everywhere either, meaning you’ll have something unique that won’t be in every home in your area.

Similar to small batch pieces, furniture made of reclaimed wood is another trend. Pieces made of reclaimed wood fit into modern eclectic design and makes homeowners feel like they have done something good for the environment by turning old doors, floors and other pieces into something that can be used again. No two pieces of reclaimed wood furniture are alike. This trend also supports the movement of employing smaller manufacturers and sourcing locally, another way to be kind to the environment. Three different textures are popular with reclaimed wood furniture: hand-scraped, ethnic carved and driftwood grey.

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Another furniture trend gaining in popularity is bringing outdoor furniture inside. Thank of patio or deck furniture and where it may look good in your home, such as in a family room or informal dining area. Materials include aged metals, glass, wicker and natural wood.