How to Brighten Your Bedroom

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Most people spend a good deal of time in their bedroom. You may lay down and rest, watch television, read a book, and it is where you go to sleep at night. If it seems dark and dull, you may want to know how to brighten your bedroom.

Fresh Coat of Paint
Nothing can brighten up a room like a fresh coat of paint. You should look toward bright colors, such as white, light yellow, or a light rose. When trying to brighten up the room, be sure to avoid browns, grays, and greens.


An old carpet can make a room look dark and dreary. A good way to brighten up a room is to install a lighter colored carpet. You can also pull up the carpet and finish the existing floor underneath. If the floors underneath are hardwood, all it would take is some sanding and stain to make them look beautiful. This will brighten up the room a great deal.

Drapes and Window Covers

When it comes to the color of the drapes in your bedroom, you should choose a bright color, allowing the sun to shine through. When it comes to window covers, wooden shutters are not the best option if you are trying to brighten up your room. Shades will work fine because they can be opened up all the way during the day. If you choose to go with blinds, you should stick with white ones. Colored blinds will only darken up the room.


While dark colored bedding sets may look nice, they will only work against you if you are trying to brighten up your bedroom a bit. If you cannot trust yourself to keep a white set clean, try something in light blue, light green, or rose. Just be sure that the set you choose works with the drapes and the color on the wall.

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It does not take a great deal of work or money to brighten up your bedroom. If you follow the above tips, your bedroom will be a bright and sunny place to spend your time in.