How to Choose a Perfect Bed Frame

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Having the right bed frame is oh-so important to ensure a perfect bedroom remodeling. An improper bed frame means sleepless nights, along with a plethora of other issues. That said, making the right choice is not easy as it takes a bit of foresight and planning. Ultimately, it’s all worth the time and effort as the right bed frames come along for years together.


Before considering the height, budget and other aspects, zero in on the type of material: leather, wood, upholstery or metal. Picking the right stuff depends on factors such as durability, design options, as well as compatibility with your existing bedroom setup and design. For instance, a colonial style bedroom won’t play perfect host to an upholstered frame. Therefore, material type is one among the several decorative guidelines you’ll need to consider when choosing a bed frame.


The other important aspect is frame height, which must be narrowed down on after considering the stature of the people who’ll primarily use the bed. While height may not seem a major feature for many, especially for taller people, shorter individuals will certainly not be happy to have a bed that’s difficult to climb onto.


When compared to wooden frames and other material options, metal frames are the least expensive. This low cost is attributable to the element’s wide availability, and also the fact that metal designs aren’t attractive. However, if you aren’t too concerned about design and aesthetics, a metal bed frame is a sensible choice, as the element is robust enough to withstand considerable heft and offer adequate assistance to a mattress.

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Irrespective of your choices and budget, always buy a bed frame taking the future into consideration. A good cot is nothing without the right mattress. If either of the two go wrong, it will mean several years of uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, don’t compromise on both ends.