How to Grow Trees Faster (5 Ways)

Last updated on September 19, 2021

Can’t get enough of lush greenery in your backyard? Here’s how to grow trees faster. We cover five actionable tips. Read on!

Did you just move to a new town and your new yard feels empty without trees? Having trees in your yard increases the beauty of the house and increases the value of the property, not neglecting their environmental benefits.

So how can we grow beautiful tall trees faster? In this guide, we have tried to summarise all the necessary points which should be considered before planting new trees to ensure their longevity while ensuring a beautiful yard.

Although growing trees take time, there are a few ways to elevate their growth speed. Such as choosing specific species that are known to grow fast.

What's Inside

Choosing The Right Tree

types of trees

The very first step for growing a tree is to choose what kind of trees you should plant. This process will make a huge difference in the growth of the tree as different trees require different conditions, soil quality, and climatic conditions.

Analyze the spot where u wish to plant the tree and make sure there is ample space around the spot for the tree to grow freely. Any obstacles around the tree will make it hard for the tree to grow fully.

Choose trees that have more mature height as they tend to grow faster and taller in a smaller period.

Never plant a tree very close to the home as over the period it may grow and block the sunlight hitting your home. Also growing a tree close to the home increases the risk of the branches falling onto your house during a wind storm.

Make sure your house receives enough sunlight for the tree to grow as sunlight one of the major requirements for its growth

Plant the Right Way

planting a tree

The hole should always be of proper depth as this affects the tree’s growth greatly. If the hole is shallow the roots might not get enough soil nutrients and also the tree might not end up being rootly strong which again causes many risks.

On the other hand, if the hole is too deep the roots might not get enough water and air in the initial growth stages and it might even end up dying.

The depth of the hole should be twice as that of the root ball. This depth is considered to be optimal as it gets proper amounts of air and water as well as it’s deep enough for the roots to bind with the soil strongly.

Use potting soil while planting a tree as it contains all the necessary nutrients needed for the plant growth. Most plants are unable to grasp the essential nutrients in the early stages which is why the potting soil is greatly important.

Mix potting soil in the hole with the normal soil. It is recommended to mix the potting and the normal soil in the ratio 1:1.

Water Accordingly

tree watering

There are misconceptions regarding the water requirements of a newly planted tree. A newly planted tree doesn’t require much water but it does require water in short intervals, as they are unable to take underground water due to their small roots.

Different trees have different water requirements and the climatic conditions also greatly affect the water requirements. 

For Example, a cactus barely needs any water to grow but on the other hand, money plant needs standing water for its optimal growth.

Climatic conditions also affect the water requirements as a plant will not need much water during winters as compared during a hot season. Make sure to water the plant every day for the first week and slowly and gradually start watering every other day.

root irrigation

Watering near the trees is one of the ways to water them but it’s not exactly the best practice as most of the water will just wash away and which can even cause soil erosion causing all the necessary soil nutrients to wash away with it.

In order to tackle this situation, it is recommended to opt for a root irrigation system as it goes directly into the soil and provides the roots for their daily water requirements.

You can create a root irrigation system at home by installing a PVC pipe that goes directly into the ground.

Don’t Neglect the Aftercare of the Trees

tree care

Most people once their trees reach a good height stop taking care of their trees but this mistake should be avoided. This is the major reason for the breaking of the trees during a storm and it also reduces the life of a tree.

Occasionally you should hire tree service experts for a complete tree evaluation which includes the many tests including root depth and branch strength. It also includes checking for any infected branches which can harm the whole tree if not treated.

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