How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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Are you wondering how you can spruce up your bedding in bedroom decor? Well, it is simple; explore your creativity and bring in your wildest of imaginations. Revamp your bedroom today by use of fresh and new ideas.

To begin with, you can adopt one hue. Remember to do different shades of the same color to bring about a calming aura. Feel free to create a mix of patterns such as stripes and floral. Using one hue makes the space look bold and sophisticated. Pick out fabrics that have feminine motifs to soften the entire appeal.

If you a decorating a little girls room, pink is the color. However, this should only apply to the bedding as the little one will soon grow up and her style might change. Keep the walls white to adapt to any change she experiences. Mix and match the fabrics in a fun way by combining pink with red or maroon. The key here is to use colors with resembling shades. In case you love prints, follow this rule as well.

Prints and colors are not the only ideas to play with, try out different textures. Use classic patterns such as checks and tartan plaid and then bring in bed linen with different colors. If you have a small space, worry not as you can create an impression of a larger room. Make use of white canvas in this case.

A good number of bedrooms double up as sleeping and playing areas, meaning that owners have extra decorating work to do. If your bedroom falls in this category, worry not. Pick a rich color and introduce natural accents to make the room feel cozy.

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When revamping your bedding for bedroom decor, keep it simple. However, do not limit your imagination. Bring in your favorite colors, texture, and patterns into the mix.