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Improving Your Home at Lowes

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One of the best places to shop if you want just about anything for the home is Lowes Home Improvement. The store sells everything from nails and screws, to bathroom and kitchen sets, and everything in between, and is known for its selection of quality tools, as well as its large range of paints. Unlike many other stores, the staff are generally knowledgeable, can answer your often detailed or technical questions, can point you in the right direction and offer you advice on exactly what item to buy.

One of the perhaps surprising things about Lowes is that you find yourself looking for things you didn’t even know you needed, as you wander through the aisles of nuts and bolts, paint, tools and more. There is something pleasant about whiling away an hour or two looking at ways to improve and modernize your home and garden, even if you only went in the store to buy a couple of tins of paint. For many men, it is almost the place to go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, a store where women drag along behind their husband, rather than the other way around.

Lowes Home Improvement was founded in 1946 in North Carolina, and since then has expanded to over 1,800 stores all over the US and recently, in Canada. Lowes is the second largest home improvement store in North America, and has won several awards for its energy efficient approach and measures. Lowes has also adopted a policy not to sell wood products made from wood that has been harvested from protected rain forests, although the company has also got in trouble over its controversial seasonal advertising, calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree. The company employs over 260,000 employees and has plans to open over 100 stores in Australia.

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