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Kitchen Cabinets – A Brief Shopping Guide

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Cabinet kitchens can break or make the style and functionality of a kitchen, and also the budget. The process can be a bit perplexing and tiring as there are multiple options to choose from – flat panels, Shakers, aprons, corbels, recessed pulls, glass knobs, etc. Let’s help you pick the right one.

Door Style

Flat, shaker or inset – the door style of a cabinet is important. It could be your major kitchen cost, but picking the materials shouldn’t be tough. Traditional wood cabinets can be replaced by glass cabinets, thereby opening up space and making things look light and airy. Conventional swinging doors can be replaced by pocket doors, flip-up doors, and corner drawers. These make the cabinets more functional. People who’d like to stick with traditional designs can go with shaker style doors.


Drawer knobs and pulls make a difference to the finished look, regardless of the primary door styles. Simple, clean and contemporary pulls go well with flat-panel cabinetry styles. Traditional kitchens work well with old-world, classic fixtures.


Colorful palettes can be added to give the kitchen some flair. Dual tones can add marked uniqueness. If you believe different cabinet colors may look too bold, have neutral finishes contrasting bright colors. Painting kitchen cabinets also works, but it’s difficult and best only when handled professionally.


With molding, almost any kind of cabinetry can be offered a customized look. Whether its crown molding or edge molding, new cabinets will certainly benefit visually. Decorative aprons, supports, toe kicks and corbels make that big visual impact.

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There is no bad or good cabinet. It all boils down to how the design fits into the overall kitchen design or theme. If contrasting setups are put together, even the most elegant and beautiful finishes may look gawky. It’s, therefore, wise to choose components keeping the bigger picture in mind.