The Art Of Creating Black And White Bedrooms

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Choosing a color scheme for the bedroom will open you up to endless possibilities. In contrast to common areas like the living room and kitchen, the color scheme in the bedroom should be a delicate balance between relaxing and invigorating. Additionally, the bedroom is the ideal space to uninhibitedly show off your design sensibilities.

While this chic and classic palette is largely reserved for bathrooms, black and white bedrooms are great for those who love a modern décor. Neutral colors are taking over the color scheme; therefore, black and white bedrooms are both trendy and stylish. This classic combination of colors will give your bedroom a timeless and sophisticated look. You can use horizontal black and white stripes if you are going for a playful look and vertical stripes for a stately feel. You can also include graphic floor tiles or carpets to make bold a statement.

However, it is not only the style factor of this timeless look that seductively beckons homeowners. It is greatly convenient to have a black and white backdrop, as it allows for effortlessly switching between accent colors. You will be able to go from bright yellows to daring hot pinks and ravishing reds. What you ultimately choose will depend only on your personal design style.

Red represents passion, energy and romance. Infusing accents in this fiery hue assists in turning your bedroom into a space that is far more engaging and energetic. Black and white bedrooms are neutral, so they allow accent colors to shine on through without restrictions. Additionally, sticking to a rather simple black and white palette will provide the best opportunity for the scorching red accents to create and leave a lasting visual impact.

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Black and white bedrooms are timeless, dramatic and versatile. They selflessly retreat to the background and allow the fabrics and accent pieces to steal the show.