11 Best Materials for Your Kitchen Benchtop

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Whether you’ll have soon-to-be-built countertops or planning to get your kitchen renovated, you may want to know the 11 best materials you can use for them.

Also known as worktops and countertops, your kitchen benchtop is where most of the action in your kitchen happens. On these surfaces, you prepare your food, place your appliances, and handle all your kitchen wares. 

To ensure they’ll last for a long time, it’s a good idea to choose the best material for your kitchen benchtop the first time you get them installed. After all, replacing them later is an expensive ordeal—not to mention that you won’t be able to do anything in the kitchen while construction is ongoing. 

If you’re in this situation or planning to replace your old ones, here are some materials you should consider:

What's Inside

Engineered Stone

engineered stone countertops

Engineered stone benchtop materials are made of aggregate materials and resin. While there are a variety of aggregate materials used for this type of kitchen top, the most commonly used material is quartz. 

Engineered stones are often preferred by those who want something practical while still having the beauty of a sculpted chunk of stone. They also come in many colors and designs. The two most common styles available in the market are solid-colored and flecked. 


If homeowners have the money to spend, there’s a high chance that they’ll choose marble—a timeless classic when it comes to kitchen top materials. They can make any kitchen look brighter and bigger. And they’re a luxurious pick for those people who want to frequently show off their kitchen.

However, it can be a pain to have because kitchen tops made of it are high-maintenance. While you may think that marble countertops are tough and indestructible, they’re actually softer and easier to scratch compared to other stone tops.


If you can’t afford marble, your next option is granite. Granite countertops are great to have for busy kitchens as they’re tough as nails, heat resistant, and beautiful overall. Also, granite tops don’t soak anything like sponges, unlike marble, so keeping them looking pristine isn’t a problem you’ll have in the future.


If you were to visit homes built a century ago, you would know how prominently timber was used as a material in kitchen benchtops. While it fell out of fashion a few decades ago, it’s made a comeback for the past few years. 

Unlike other commonly used materials like steel and stone, timber brings in warmth and a bit of exoticness and rusticness in the kitchen. And with proper maintenance, it could last as long as most modern materials used in countertops.


Laminate is the number one go-to material for those on a tight budget and unwilling to throw money into renovating their apartment’s kitchen. While it’s relatively cheaper, its looks aren’t. And if you spend some time looking, you may find fabulous faux laminate tops that look like the real thing they’re imitating.

Acrylic Resin

If you’re a minimalist and prefer simplistic designs, you can go for solid acrylic resin tops. They’re often made with alumina—a primary element used to produce a hard variety of ceramic—making them highly durable. Some prefer to choose acrylic resin for their outdoor kitchen as this material is also resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Stainless Steel

Many can say that stainless steel is a niche choice. But if you’re looking for durability and an industrial feel in your kitchen, then stainless steel might be for you. Stainless steel tops can withstand any abuse you can dish out. 

Stainless steel tops are easy to clean, too. It’s a good choice if you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And if you have some money to spare, you can seamlessly install some modern kitchen tech on them.

Polished Concrete

Some people may get horrified at the use of polished concrete on countertops, but when done right, choosing it may become one of the best decisions you’ll make. Two of its most significant advantages are that it’s a cheap option and you can even make it yourself. 


Bamboo is an excellent alternative to timber. Premade bamboo lumber can imitate common timber grains while being inexpensive. Of course, just like with any wooden countertop material, bamboo kitchen benchtops also require constant maintenance and reapplication of oils and sealants.


Just in case you appreciate the look and feel of marble countertops but don’t want to lose an arm and a leg, you can choose to have porcelain instead. Its popularity as a worktop material has been continually rising for the past decade because of its low porosity, affordability, and durability. 


Ultra-compacted countertop materials are made by combining stone and glass materials. Unlike engineered stones that use resin to bind their aggregates, compacted tops are made by compressing their materials through extreme pressure and heat.

This process makes this material more durable but a bit more expensive than engineered stone, laminate, and acrylic resin. If you want a sturdy material for your kitchen benchtop, then this might be for you.

The Takeaway

install countertop

Your countertops may stay with you for a decade or two. Deciding to replace them after a year would be unwise and enduring ones you don’t like would be plain torture. Considering the best material, which can match your personality and needs, for your countertops is a must. Therefore, continue searching and researching which one will be the right one for you.

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