11 Creative Staircase Designs for the Home Decor Snob

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Staircases are rarely the object of interior design because most homeowners seek function more than style, and saving space is the number one requirement more often than not. However there are many home designers that don’t make exceptions and apply their creativity in all elements of the house, including the stairs. So here are 11 creative staircase designs that even home decor snobs will appreciate.

Contemporary Design Staircase

The designer went all in on this staircase design in an apartment in Mumbai.

Yellow Staircase

Using vibrant colors make the staircase the center of attention in this house.

Modern Staircase

When saving space is important as much as the style we get to see a staircase like this.

Modern Wooden Staircase

Modern and elegant, a very beautiful staircase with hardwood finish.

Narrow Suspended Staircase

When you have just enough space for narrow stairs you can use suspended staircase to keep the room open.

Rounded Design Staircase

This is a great example of using creativity on simple staircase by adding irregular form to them.

Round Staircase

We just had to add something vintage as the fancy designs of yore never held anything back.

Staircase with Storage

Storage space is important and you can make it the object of art.

Suspended Cabin Staircase

And this is how you add style to the cabin in the woods.

Suspended Staircase

Another great example of stylish and space saving stairs – you wouldn’t think you’re looking at a stack of shelves rather than a staircase.

Vintage Staircase

And to top it all off, this is pure vintage and needs no more words.

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