15 Big Time Designs with Huge Wall Clocks

Last updated on August 13, 2023

The purpose of a wall clock is not only to tell the time, sometimes it’s the object of home decor and art. And here are 15 rooms where the designer went all in with the use of wall clocks in the interior design.

Wall Clock Art

A cuckoo clock must not always be real to create a vintage effect.

Black Wall Clock

A great option to decorate a black wall is to create a vintage clock design.

Grey Wall Clock

Metallic gloss works great to create a modern look.

Alarm Clock Wall Art

While this alarm clock doesn’t actually work, it does wonders to room decor.

Vintage Round Wall Clock

Vintage station clocks are go-to when trying to create a hip design.

Big Ben Wall Clock

World famous Big Ben tower clock works too.

Vintage Station Decorative Wall Clock

Another great example of vintage station clock design.

Classic Wall Clock

This wall clock is pure classic.

Wooden Frame Wall Clock

Wooden frame of this clock integrates well with the rest of the interior design.

Kids Room Wall Clock

Woodwork works well in kids room design.

Minimal Wall Clock

Minimalist design turns the entire wall into a clock.

Green Wall Clock

Another great minimalist design.

Modern Wall Clock

And another modern design that makes use of white space very well.

Birds Art Wall Clock

Wall clock meets wall art.

Kitchen Door Wall Clock

A truly unique way to solve the small space problem.

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