18 Spectacular Chandelier Designs That Make a Statement in Home Decor

Last updated on August 13, 2023

If you want to make as statement with your home decor one of the best ways to do that is to use an attractive chandelier. Chandeliers come in all kinds and shapes and you can use them to decorate any room, but here are 18 designs that are truly something to see.

Array of Lamps Chandelier

When you take an array of table lamps and create a chandelier from them you get something futuristic, industrial and you wouldn’t do without it in the room decor like this.

Artistic Llamps Chandelier

When you go modern art way you get a chandelier that looks something like this.

Chrystal Orb Chandelier

Crystals are chandelier classic and this orb brings classic home.

Drum Chandelier

Drum chandeliers not only create spotlight they look good too.

Crystal Ring Chandelier

Himalayan crystals create a ring of fire chandelier.

Crystal Round Chandelier

A great example of how classic crystal chandelier works in modern design.

Crystals Chandelier

Chrystal garland chandelier instantly turns average interior design into something spectacular.

Crystal Waterfall Chandelier

Waterfall crystal chandeliers are all the rage to create luxurious vintage decor.

Jewel Chandelier

Or how about this jewel of a chandelier.

Metal Art Chandelier

Modern metallic design does wonders in contemporary room decor.

Mistletoe Chandelier

Mistletoe is usually a Christmas thing but this chandelier can even work all year round.

Mosaic Chandelier

One of my favorites – a chandelier mosaic.

Newtonian Balls Chandelier

Newtonian balls create clean modern and minimalist look.

Red Layered Chandelier

Such layered chandelier design really comes to life.

White Layered Chandelier

Another, white version of the same design.

Wine Bottles Chandelier

Unique chandeliers for a wine tasting room.

Wire Orb Chandelier

Wire orbs and crystals make a beautiful chandelier.

Wire Shapes Chandelier

Designs like this are simple but they give the room a character.

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