19 Unique Coffee Table Designs for a Very Special Coffee Time

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Imagine having a guest visiting your home for a cup of coffee. You make them their drink and invite them to your living room where you will sit down on a comfy couch by the coffee table. How do you think will the design of this coffee table impact your hospitality and the experience your guest has visiting you? No doubt, a unique and interesting design will not only be the perfect conversation piece but also leave a pleasant impression as you sip your coffee and converse away. So here are 19 unique coffee table designs for that very special coffee time.

Aquarium Coffee Table

If you want something amazing, an aquarium coffee table will do it.

Blocks Coffee Table

A more intricate coffee table design is one made of blocks.

Box Coffee Table

It can be made of reusable materials such as this wooden box.

Glass Coffee Table

Or a delicate glass design.

Glass Coffee Table

This coffee table has a vase like design.

Glass Top Coffee Table

Glass tops are modern while the wooden base is classic.

Green Coffee Table

This coffee table has soft green fluff under its glass top.

Round Coffee Table

A modern mixed with industrial style.

Round Coffee Table

Another great example of industrial style coffee table base.

Rug Coffee Table

One of the most unique coffee tables is actually a rug.

Square Coffee Table

A coffee table can be tray like.

Stacked Coffee Table

A suspended coffee table with compartments.

Suspended Coffee Table

Another nice design of a suspended coffee table.

Tilted Coffee Table

A tilted design contributes to a modern look.

Tree Log Coffee Table

A tree log turned into a coffee table fits a cabin decor very nicely.

Wooden Coffee Table

More wooden designs for a classic interior.

Wooden Coffee Table

Another coffee table made from reused materials.

Wooden Coffee Table

Another nice wooden design.

Woven Coffee Table

They can be woven too.

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