22 Hottest Fireplace Designs in Living Room Decor

Last updated on August 13, 2023

There’s nothing else like a fireplace that instantly makes a room look cozy. Fireplaces comes in many forms and shapes so here are 22 hottest that we’ve found.

Wall Integrated Fireplace

This room is a great example of what adding a fireplace does to home decor.

Small Fireplace

A bit of country feel going on with this fireplace and room decor.

Small Decorated Fireplace

You can go modern or you can go vintage classic when choosing a fireplace design.

Modern House Fireplace

Modern home, modern design fireplace but still just as cozy. The ideal placement for the TV in this layout is above the fireplace.

Glass Box Fireplace

This fireplace puts fire on display.

Fireplace Wall

Decorative fireplaces don’t need wood to produce heat but their look has the same effect as the real thing.

Vintage Fireplace

More vintage classic in this decor.

Fireplace Table

Integrating a table and a fireplace into one thing creates a very interesting look.

Fireplace Strip

Another great contemporary design for a fireplace.

Modern Design Fireplace

We’re seeing some interesting forms here.

Living Room Fireplace

A new furnace in an old fireplace space, and it works very well in this home decor.

Hanging Globe Fireplace

More interesting forms here. A fireplace can be simply hanging on the ceiling.

Glass Fireplace

Another case of putting fire on display.

Fireplace Furnace

Another great example how a small furnace can do wonders to home decor.

Decorative Fireplace

Modern, beautiful and cozy.

Fireplace Decor

Classic meets modern in this fireplace decor.

Fireplace Column

More intricate shapes creating very modern decor.

Classic Fireplace

Classic always works.

Cozy Fireplace Design

It can’t get any cozier than this.

Contemporary Fireplace Design

This is another great example of modern fireplace design.

Classic Vintage Fireplace

And another great classic decor.

Black Fireplace

No matter if the fireplace design is classic, vintage or contemporary modern, it will always create a cozy feel in the room.

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