4 Signs You Need Professional AC Repair

Last updated on August 13, 2023

There will be times when your air conditioner becomes faulty. Do you call for help right away? Here are four signs that will tell you when you need a professional to attend to your AC.

An air conditioner (AC) is an essential system to have in a home or business building. This is because it cools one’s space when the temperatures are too high. This way, property owners can maintain a comfortable area for everyone. 

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When to Call a Technician for Your AC

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AC units, like other appliances, break down or get damaged at least once in their lifetime. In some cases, restoring these systems may be easy, and an owner might not need professional help for repairs. For instance, changing filters, checking breakers, and inspecting ducts and thermostats are things anyone could do without a technician’s help.  

That being so, some repairs are usually complex and need a professional to handle them. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the signs that tell you it’s time to call a technician to repair your AC.  However, you must first identify a good professional to work on your unit. Therefore, you must look for a reputable, experienced, licensed, and insured company like Air Makers or other reliable firms around your area. 

If you find it hard to identify the best local enterprise to call, research online and consider a business with excellent customer reviews. Alternatively, ask a friend or relative to refer you to the best company they’ve worked with. 

As promised, here are some of the signs that indicate your AC needs a professional to fix it:

If You Have a High Utility Bill

A high utility bill is one of the reasons to call an AC repair company. While it’s normal for the AC to work a little bit more during the hot season, your electricity rates shouldn’t go exceptionally up. Therefore, if your energy charges are higher than the last summer’s, have a professional examine it. 

A high electricity bill caused by your AC could result from the unit running longer, being too old, or having a damaged thermostat. All these factors could cause your AC to consume an excessive amount of power. Calling a professional is the most recommended step for this issue because they can identify the problem with your AC and ensure proper repairs. This way, you’ll maintain a reasonable energy bill.

If The AC Is Producing Strange Noises

If screeching, rattling, squealing, or bubbling noises are coming from your AC, you should call a professional to check and repair it. Several factors can cause unusual AC sounds. For instance, screeching sounds could result from high pressure in the compressor, and loose parts could cause rattling noises in the unit. On the other hand, squealing sounds might indicate an issue with the AC’s fan belt, and bubbling noises could signal a problem with the unit’s refrigerant or drain.  

Most of these sounds don’t go away on their own. Therefore, it’s vital to call a professional to examine your system. From their experience and training, they’ll easily identify the issue causing any of these strange noises. After that, they’ll provide the best solutions to avoid further damage to your AC. 

If Your Unit Is Persistently Faulty

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If your AC develops issues now and then, consider having it checked by a professional. This could mean a particular problem hasn’t been fully resolved, or you need a new AC. A technician will help you identify what might be causing the issue.

If the AC needs repairing, they’ll sufficiently restore the system for you. On the other hand, if they identify that the unit needs to be replaced, they’ll help you choose a suitable AC for your house or business building and install it for you.

If The AC Is Turning On And Off Frequently

Regardless of the type of weather you may be currently experiencing, your AC should complete its cooling cycle. If it’s turning on and off frequently, it means that it’s short-cycling, which is an issue that prevents the unit from sufficiently cooling your space.

This problem can occur due to several reasons. For instance, the thermostat sensor could be faulty, the air filter may be clogged, or your unit could be incorrectly sized for your space. Calling an AC technician could help because they’ll inspect the system and repair it appropriately. Besides that, they could also offer you some tips on maintaining your unit to avoid short cycling and other issues and ensure the system serves you longer. 

The Takeaway

Having an efficiently working AC helps you ensure maximum comfort in your house or business building. Therefore, if the unit isn’t functioning as it should, restoring it is necessary. In some cases, AC problems may be minor, and you could repair the unit yourself. However, some concerns can be complex and may require a professional to handle. 

In this article, you’ve learned some signs that indicate your AC needs to be checked by a technician. As provided above, you should call a professional if your unit is producing strange noises, persistently faulty, turning on and off frequently, or if you have a high utility bill. The professional will examine your system and ensure appropriate repairs. As a result, you’ll enjoy a cool and comfortable building.

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