5 Cool Home Decoration Ideas That You’d Love to Do But Probably Won’t

Last updated on August 13, 2023

If you are bored with the decor of your home, there are ways to spice things up. Decorating takes many forms and you’re only limited by your imagination. There are no more rules to decorating.

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

The color of your walls sets the tone for your home. You can go neutral or dramatic. You can have one wall or two walls a different color to make a striking visual. By using glow-in-the-dark paint on one wall or all the walls in a room is a fun and surprising way to make a room more exciting.

Glow In The Dark wall paint

2. Using the Space under the Staircase.

The area underneath the stairs offer many cool possibilities. You can turn the area into a bookcases or a storage center with bins and drawers. You can install a tiny half bathroom with a sink and toilet. Another choice is to use the area as a workstation with a computer desk, shelves and a chair. Still another choice is to turn the entire area into a large aquarium.

Space Under the Staircase

3. Herb Garden in Kitchen

Having greenery in your home is always a good idea. In addition to plants of various types and sizes, you can also grow a vertical herb garden in your kitchen. It adds a luscious area, not to mention lots of tempting aromas.

Kitchen Herb Garden

4. Forest Chandelier

Modern chandeliers come in a range of features. There is the forest chandelier with light bulbs that create a silhouette of the forest on your walls. This special effect makes any room seem magical.

Forest Chandelier

5. Add a Hammock

A hammock gives the feeling of relaxing on a beautiful beach. Hammocks are now used as indoor beds in both kid’s room and the master bedroom.

Bedroom Hammock

The secret to good decorating is creating an environment that you are happy with. Anything is possible if you want a cool, awesome, and fun home.

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