5 Kitchen Appliances Every Homeowner Should Invest In

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Every kitchen needs appliances. Here are the top 5 appliances that are must-haves in any home. Read on!

Your kitchen is a big part of your home where you will spend an ample amount of time in. Although kitchens and kitchen needs will differ from home to home and the people that live there, there are a few features and appliances that every homeowner should invest in for their kitchen.

What's Inside

Sizable Fridge

big fridge

Every homeowner needs a fridge in their kitchen, as it is one of the basic necessities you have to have. There are a few things to consider when choosing a fridge as well, as you will have different needs as a family or within your home. If you are living alone or with a partner, your fridge won’t need to be too large. If you have a family such as kids or other relatives living with you, your fridge needs to accommodate their needs. Living with roommates or other adults who need more food and nutrients would potentially require even more space. This is important to factor in for people that may share fridge space but don’t share food, translating to everyone needing their own space in the fridge. Consider the people that will be living in your home and your consumption to find a fridge that meets your needs.

Extra Freezer


Similar to fridge storage, your freezer requires enough space to accommodate for the food you will be storing in it. If you have a lot of people in your home, it would be a smart decision to consider purchasing and investing in a second freezer. This is particularly useful even if you don’t have to worry about housing food for a big family. Having extra freezer storage will allow you to purchase and store meats and other foods long term, making it great for saving money when buying in bulk at discount and sale prices, making it easier to budget and handle your finances. Make sure you never have to worry about stocking your fridge with access to an extra freezer compartment.

Water Boiler


You might wonder why you need a water boiler if you already have a water heater in your home. There are different types of boilers that provide heating reasons and features that fulfill different needs outlined in significant detail in this Zojirushi water boiler review. In general, a boiler will provide you smaller amounts of hot water than you would need for a shower, but meets many needs you have in your kitchen. These are perfect for cooking pastas or soups that use water in a safe heating method rather than simply getting hot water from the tap. Additionally this boiler provides more water than most standard kettles, making it more useful for a wider variety of needs. From coffee in the morning, to helping with dinner needs at night, a water boiler is a must for any kitchen.



A dishwasher is important to have in every home. If you are living alone, it may be easy to handle your cleaning, but with more family members, doing the dishes becomes a time consuming chore. For those that live with children, having a dishwasher is even more important and can be infinitely helpful asi ti can help save you time and energy, cleaning up after preparing and cooking meals, as well as freeing you up to spend time with other responsibilities or even just relaxing. Having the right dishwasher also translates to cleaner dishes too. A dishwasher is important for anyone that cooks at home and values their time.



Speaking of valuing time, sometimes you just don’t have enough of it to dedicate to cooking. Or you might just not feel like putting the energy into preparing a meal. For these instances, having a microwave to quickly cook a meal, or reheat leftovers that you have from the night before is very helpful. You might be tempted to order food when you aren’t feeling up to the task of preparing a meal, but a microwave helps you save plenty of time and effort. Don’t be afraid to cook more so that you have leftovers to save you from having to cook daily. This is important for everyone, from people living alone to families. In addition to food, heating up drinks is an added benefit of having a microwave. 

It is important that when you are considering the different appliances to have in your kitchen and your home, that you identify your needs. Evaluate how many people will be using your kitchen frequently and what they need to have access to, whether it is different storage or usage needs. Homeowners will want to invest in what is best for themselves, their family, and anyone else living in their home.

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