7 Ways to Improve Your Energy Consumption

Last updated on September 23, 2023

If you are looking for smart and efficient ways to improve your energy consumption and save some money on energy bills, here are seven top tips.

If you implement some or all of these changes, you could make significant savings on your energy expenditure and do your bit to save the planet.

First, you could install solar panels. Moreover, by having your heating on a timer and only lighting the rooms you are using, you can make a big difference.

Battery-powered lights are your friends. If you limit yourself to one cooked meal a day and towel dry your hair in summer, this will also help.

Finally, insulate your home so you have less need for heating.

What's Inside

Install Solar Panels

solar panel installation

A great way to save on your electricity bills is to install solar panels. This way, you can generate your own energy and save the planet at the same time!

If your home can support solar panels on the roof, and the weather supports this kind of energy generation, speak to solar panel installers today.

Remember, if you want your panels to work uninterrupted, you should also install solar panel pigeon-proofing mesh. This is the best way to keep your energy generation efficient and uninterrupted.

Put Your Heating on a Timer

electric furnace

Another top tip for energy saving is to have your heating on a timer. This means that you can stay aware of your energy use and not let time run away with you.

It is so easy to turn the heating on and forget to turn it off again. Save yourself the hassle of remembering and set a timer to keep on top of your energy consumption.

Only Light the Rooms You Are Using

kitchen lights

When you are busy at home, moving from room to room tidying, playing with kids, cooking and setting the table, and so on, it is all too easy to keep all of the lights on while you go about your day.

However, if you make a conscious effort to only keep lights on in rooms being used, you can cut back on unnecessary electricity expenditure. Remember to buy energy-saving bulbs to maximize savings.

Use Battery-Powered Lights

battery lights

When you are lighting your home for ambiance in the evenings, you can save energy by turning off the main lights and putting on battery-powered lamps and fairy lights.

These do not use any electricity from the mains, and therefore will only cost you the price of the batteries. You can create a lovely, warm, soft lighting effect with battery-powered lights, so this is a win-win.

Have One Cooked Meal a Day

kitchen range hood

Your oven is another source of energy expenditure. If you live in a warm climate, or at least have reasonably warm summers, you could consider having just one cooked meal a day, and one cold meal, to reduce bills.

If it is not possible or comfortable to eat a cold meal a day, such as a salad or sandwich, due to the temperature or any other factor that makes this challenging, obviously your health, comfort, and well-being are more important, and you should have two hot meals a day.

Towel-Dry Your Hair

Like having a cold meal a day, this tip is only for people living in a mild or warm climate. If you are very cold with wet hair, do not compromise your health and well-being to save money.

However, if you do not need to use a hairdryer, it is best not to. Your hair will thank you, and so will your energy bills. Likewise, if you do not feel the need to use straighteners or curlers, you can remove these from the daily routine as well.

Insulate Your Home


Finally, it is a good idea in the long run to insulate your home. While this will be a one-off cost, and that might be off-putting, over time you will save significantly on your heating bills. Insulate now for the benefit later. 

This has been a brief but comprehensive guide to improving your energy consumption. We have provided 7 great pieces of advice for cutting down your energy bills, including installing solar panels, putting your heater on a timer and only lighting the rooms you are using.

Moreover, battery-powered lights are a great idea. If possible, you can try to limit yourself to one meal per day and towel-drying your hair in warmer weather.

Lastly, properly insulate your home to save on heating bills. If you try to implement all or some of these changes into your daily life, you could make significant savings on your electricity consumption.

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