9 Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Paper Craft

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Paper crafts are affordable alternatives to purchasing expensive home décor from a local retailer. Paper crafting requires minimal experience and skill and you can complete a variety of projects with just a few basic and inexpensive supplies. Here are 9 cool ideas to think about.

Paper flowers

Paper Flowers

Paper lamps and lanterns

Paper Lamp

Painted cardboard boxes

Painted Cardboard Boxes

Paper craft picture frames

Paper Craft Picture Frame

Paper heart wall art

Paper Heart Wall Art

Origami paper garlands

Origami Paper Garland

Paper animal head wall art

Paper Animal Head Wall Art

Paper craft candle holder covers

Paper Craft Candle Holder Cover

Chandelier paper craft

Chandelier Paper Craft

Here are the basic supplies you will need for most projects:

  • Assorted colors and varieties of crafting paper
  • Sharp scissors
  • Colored pens, pens, felt markers or crayons
  • Glitter, ribbon, fabric scraps, and other optional embellishments

Paper is available in a wide variety of styles, textures, solid colors and prints. Some types of paper are more suitable for certain projects.

Construction Paper

Construction paper is extremely versatile and is available in light and medium weights. The surface is slightly rough and is it sold in dozens of colors. Construction paper is used in many kids crafts, picture making, masks, paper hats, decoupage and papier mache.

Tissue Paper

This is the thinnest and most pliable type of craft paper. It is available in rolls and sheets. It is easy to work with when making paper jewels or flowers. Many people use tissue paper as gift wrap or as gift packing when shredded.

Crepe Paper

This type of paper is thin and features a crinkled surface. It stretches easily making it a good choice for papier mache projects.

Card Stock

Card stock can be used to make cards, models, masks, boxes and cut outs. It is available in a range of thicknesses and a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Washi Paper

This is a thick, handmade paper with an uneven surface. This paper is more expensive than most crating papers but it is very soft and creates elegant papier mache, decoupage and flowers.

Anyone can learn to make decorative paper lamps, photo frames, storage baskets, wall hangings, and more. Supplies are readily available online or at any local arts and crafts or stationery store.

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