Beautiful Wall Art Designs That You Would Love to Steal to Your Home

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Wall art is one of the best ways to instantly add style to even the most boring interior design. There is however a thin line between a stylish art and cheesy drawings on the wall. Below are 12 wall art designs that we are sure you’d love to steal to your home.

Tree Leafs Wall Art

Nature gets it right every time so if you copy it you’ll never go wrong. Falling leafs in the autumn wind can decorate the entire wall.

Living Room Wall Art

Intricate patterns can match very well with your home decor colors.

The Beatles Wall Art

Music fan? Pay homage to your favorite band in a delicate manner.

Bedroom Leafs Wall Art

Your bedroom headboard can extend to the wall art of the entire wall.

Dandelion Wall Art

Some dandelions are used to decorate the wall of this bedroom and it works so well.

Floral Wall Art

Instead of the wall itself you can use canvas or multiple canvases to create beautiful wall art and it’s easily replaceable.

Flowers Wall Art

Using vibrant colors for wall art is dangerous because it has to match the rest of your decor very well in order to work. In this example it does quite well.

Peter Pan Wall Art

Your wall art can tell a story as well…

Purple Floral Wall Art

Wall art can be used to balance out vibrant wall colors too.

Tree and Birds Wall Art

You’ll keep staring at this wall art day in day out because of its detail.

Tree Branch Wall Art

Quite simple and neutral works well to add detail to otherwise plain walls.

Tree and Butterfly Wall Art

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