15 Built in TV Wall Ideas for Your Home

Last updated on March 1, 2024

Dive into this article because we’ve curated irresistible built-in TV wall ideas rich in creativity and uniqueness, promising to transform your lackluster wall into a remarkable entertainment hub.

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These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

What's Inside

TV Wall Idea 12: Glass Shelving TV Wall

tv wall idea 12 glass shelving tv wall

Glass shelving elegantly frames the TV, providing a light, modern look while offering convenient space for components and decor.

The transparent shelves ensure that the focus remains on the screen, allowing for a sleek integration of technology and design.

Strategically placed lighting can enhance the glass features, offering a soft glow that complements the viewing experience.

TV Wall Idea 13: Painted Brick TV Wall

tv wall idea 13 painted brick tv wall

A painted brick wall offers a textured backdrop to any mounted TV, providing a contrast between the sleek screen and rustic masonry. Selecting a neutral or bold paint color can dramatically alter the room’s ambiance, tailoring it to your aesthetic preferences.

The natural variation in bricks adds depth and character, making the television part of a larger, distinctive wall feature.

TV Wall Idea 14: Hidden Slide-out Panel TV Wall

tv wall idea 14 hidden slide out panel tv wall

A hidden slide-out panel offers a sleek, contemporary look by concealing the television when not in use, integrating seamlessly into the wall design. This option is ideal for maintaining a minimalist aesthetic in a space, as the TV can be tucked away out of sight with ease.

The slide-out mechanism adds a functional and modern touch, allowing for the television to become part of the room’s ambiance only when desired.

TV Wall Idea 15: Edge-Lit Acrylic Display

tv wall idea 15 edge lit acrylic display

Enhance your viewing experience with the ambient glow of edge-lit acrylic panels surrounding the television, adding a modern touch to the space.

This feature serves as both a functional light source and a visually striking design element, marrying technology with style.

The clear or frosted acrylic subtly diffuses light, creating a soft perimeter that does not distract from the screen while fostering a futuristic aesthetic.

TV Wall Idea 16: Plant Accent TV Wall

tv wall idea 16 plant accent tv wall

Incorporating live greenery or faux plants around the display breathes life into the space, creating an organic and calming atmosphere. Strategic placement of planters or vertical gardens frames the television, blending technology with nature seamlessly. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetic but also can improve air quality when using real plants.

TV Wall Idea 17: Angled Offset TV Wall

tv wall idea 17 angled offset tv wall

An angled offset TV wall adds a dynamic element to room design, breaking the monotony of straight lines. It enhances viewing angles, allowing for a comfortable watch from different positions within the space.

This design choice also creates additional surfaces for decorative items or ambient lighting, further personalizing the living area.

TV Wall Idea 18: Sculptural Divider TV Wall

tv wall idea 18 sculptural divider tv wall

Integrating a sculptural divider allows for a distinctive separation of living spaces while still highlighting the television as a focal point. This design incorporates artistic elements that can range from modern abstract forms to classic ornate details. It enhances the aesthetic value of a room by combining the practicality of a partition with the visual appeal of sculpture.

TV Wall Idea 19: Graffiti Art Backdrop TV Wall

tv wall idea 19 graffiti art backdrop tv wall

Injecting urban flair into your living space, the graffiti art backdrop transforms a standard TV display into a vibrant focal point. This design concept marries technology with street art, allowing the dynamic colors and bold patterns of graffiti to frame your screen and enliven the room.

Perfect for contemporary or eclectic decor, it provides a personalized touch and a striking visual contrast to the sleek lines of modern televisions.

TV Wall Idea 20: Vintage Frame TV Wall

tv wall idea 20 vintage frame tv wall

Incorporating a vintage frame around a modern television elegantly marries classic aesthetics with contemporary technology. This design choice transforms a TV into a piece of art, making it a focal point even when not in use.

The use of an ornate or antique frame adds a touch of sophistication and can seamlessly blend the television into traditional decor schemes.

TV Wall Idea 21: TV Wall With Integrated Sound System

tv wall idea 21 tv wall with integrated sound system

Enhancing the audio-visual experience, the integrated sound system seamlessly blends into the wall design, with speakers and subwoofers concealed behind acoustically transparent panels. This setup provides superior sound quality without interrupting the aesthetic flow of the room.

Strategically placed around the television, the sound components offer a clean look while delivering an immersive surround sound environment.

TV Wall Idea 22: Antique Cabinet Door TV Cover

tv wall idea 22 antique cabinet door tv cover

Merging functionality with vintage charm, this design conceals the screen with repurposed cabinet doors when not in use. The rich patina and intricate woodwork of the doors add a classic appeal to the room’s decor.

This idea effortlessly integrates technology into a traditional aesthetic, keeping the focus on period details while offering modern convenience.

TV Wall Idea 23: Fabric Panelled TV Wall

tv wall idea 23 fabric panelled tv wall

Fabric panelled designs can add a touch of softness and warmth to your entertainment space, breaking the monotony of hard surfaces.

Choose from a variety of textures and patterns to complement your room’s decor and create a unique backdrop.

This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers a creative way to improve acoustics by dampening sound.

TV Wall Idea 24: Industrial Pipe Shelf TV Wall

tv wall idea 24 industrial pipe shelf tv wall

Combining function with form, the Industrial Pipe Shelf TV Wall integrates raw metal piping and rustic wooden shelves for a chic, urban look.

This design not only supports the television but also offers ample space for books, plants, and decor, creating a multifunctional display.

The open shelf structure ensures that all entertainment essentials are within reach while contributing a touch of loft-inspired character to the space.

TV Wall Idea 25: Vertical Garden TV Wall

tv wall idea 25 vertical garden tv wall

Incorporating lush greenery, the Vertical Garden TV Wall breathes life into the space, seamlessly blending technology with nature. This design not only enhances the room’s aesthetics with its organic appeal but also serves as a natural air purifier.

Strategically placed plants around the screen minimize visual clutter and add a tranquil, invigorating backdrop to your viewing experience.

TV Wall Idea 26: Pop Art Feature TV Wall

tv wall idea 26 pop art feature tv wall

Immerse your viewing area into a vibrant display of iconic pop art pieces, infusing the space with bold colors and dynamic visuals.

The surrounding artworks serve as an energetic backdrop, enhancing the modern aesthetic of the room.

The lively ambiance complements the TV, turning the wall into a statement piece that captures attention even when the screen is off.

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