4 Cleaning Tricks and Tips for Guard Gutters

Last updated on October 1, 2023

Use these four expert-approved tips and tricks to clean your guard gutters of debris yourself. Read on!

Gutters are one of the most important part of a house’s exterior. Their main purpose is to protect the home and its foundation from rain and water damage by collecting dirt, leaves, and other debris. In order to be effective, the gutters need to be completely free of such debris because otherwise, they can get clogged, impeding the entire system’s performance.  

One way of maintaining your gutters and keeping them clean is to install gutter guards. As the name suggests, the guards offer better protection in trapping leaves and debris and preventing them from getting inside the gutters. They also allow rainwater to flow freely inside the gutters, which further helps remove the debris.

However, even if you get your guards installed by professional gutter contractors, you will still need to clean them regularly to avoid roof damage and flooding. Here are a few tricks you can try to clean your guard gutters properly.

What's Inside

Clean Gutters by Hand

cleaning gutters

One way of cleaning your guard gutters is to do it by hand. This is often the most common approach used by homeowners because it allows them to physically remove debris trapped by the guard with a hand’s sweeping motion.

When doing this, it is advised that you use work gloves so you don’t stab yourself with a sharp twig or anything else inadvertently. Besides your gloves, make sure you have a gutter scoop and a bucket to help you collect the dirt, leaves, and other debris much easier and put them in the bucket.

Also, don’t forget to spread a drop cloth under the area where you will be working to catch any falling rubbish.

Hose Down the Guards

If the gutter guards are not removable, then you should try hosing them down to get rid of the debris. To do this properly, you will need to position the garden hose at the opening of the gutter at the corners and allow the water to pour into the gutter to clean it.

Keep in mind that you may need someone to help you along by turning the water supply on and off while you are on the ladder.

Don’t forget to also ensure that you have a good balance on the ladder before you start hosing down the guards so you can avoid injuring yourself.

Save Time with a Leaf Blower

Another strategy you can try to clean your gutter guards is to use a leaf blower. This option is usually preferred by homeowners who are in the habit of cleaning their gutters often and don’t have a lot of debris to remove when it is time to clean. Leaf blowers have a nozzle attachment that is designed to release a narrow stream of air that is perfect for removing debris from gutters.

When using the leaf blower, be sure to blow the leaves gradually towards the downspouts. If you notice some stubborn pieces, use the hose to get rid of the excess dirt.

Remove Stubborn Debris with Wet/dry Vacuum

Removing debris with wet/dry vacuum is another alternative way to clean your gutter guards. This approach is best suited for getting rid of stubborn rubbish which is stuck in the gutters.

The best thing about this vacuum is that it comes with special attachments that allow you to extend the reach from the ground to the gutters. This way you won’t even need a ladder or gloves to remove the debris.

When using the vacuum, ensure that the leaves are vacuumed gradually toward the downspout. If there is debris stuck onto the surface of the gutters, use the wet feature to moisten and loosen the dirt.

The Takeaway

Although gutters alone can help keep your home safe from water damage, it is advised that you also consider installing gutter guards too. These guards are a piece of hardware that allows water to enter and keep debris out of the gutters.

However, in order for the guards to function properly, you should clean them on a regular basis to prevent potential damages to your house’s foundation and landscaping.

If you need help on how to do this, refer back to our guide and borrow some of the tricks mentioned here to successfully clean your gutter guards.  

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