20 Farmhouse Style Range Hoods Ideas for a Rustic Kitchen Upgrade

Last updated on June 13, 2024

Delve deeper into the world of farmhouse style range hoods because these design marvels offer an intriguing blend of functionality and rustic aesthetic that can transform your kitchen’s ambiance.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Diving into the charm of farmhouses, let’s explore the world of practical, yet aesthetically pleasing, farmhouse-style range hoods. This article’s journey will not only trawl through the best of existing ideas but also create a splash with fresh, unique ones.

Seeking the unexpected? Let’s introduce a new angle to your kitchen with these innovative range hood designs. A deviation from the traditional, these ideas will add an element of surprise to your cooking space.

Find resources and more at the end of this article but for now, let’s start this creative adventure. Get ready to breathe life into your kitchen with these distinctive range hood ideas.

What's Inside

Distressed Paint Range Hood

distressed paint range hood

Nothing says farmhouse chic quite like the intrigue and warmth of a distressed paint job. The key to achieving this style lies in the balance between the old and the new. Ancient elements get a breath of fresh life through artful touches.

Here are a few simple steps to achieve the look for your range hood:

  • 1. Select your perfect paint shade; traditional farmhouse colors include white, beige, light yellows, and pastel blues.
  • 2. Start by applying a base coat; this gives the distressed finish something to contrast against.
  • 3. After the base coat is dry, apply petroleum jelly to areas you want to appear worn.
  • 4. Add your chosen paint color. Don’t worry about total coverage; the goal is a weathered, worn appearance.
  • 5. Once dried, gently sand these areas to reveal the distressed finish.
  • 6. Finish off with a clear, protective sealer to ensure your piece stands the test of time.

Remember, distressed doesn’t mean shabby; it means character, charm, and homely appeal. The idea is to celebrate imperfections and make your home feel lived in. Each scratch, peeling layer, and color variation contributes to a unique aesthetic that isn’t afraid to tell a story. This method can bring an authentic country vibe, breathing new life into your kitchen.

Barn Wood Inspired Range Hood

barn wood inspired range hood

It’s hard to beat the organic warmth of barn wood for that perfect farmhouse vibe in your kitchen. Opting for a range hood covered in authentic barn wood integrates well with rustic kitchen designs.

The unique weathered look of barn wood, with its rich color and texture, adds a distinct focal point to your kitchen. A key point to remember is to seal or polish the wood to sustain the varying temperatures and grease exposure in a bustling kitchen.

For a more personalized touch, you can incorporate old barn wood from a family farmstead or a memorable place. Pair your barn wood range hood with complementary elements such as open wood shelving and farmhouse kitchen pendant lights to pull the design together.

Arched Farmhouse Style Range Hood

arched farmhouse style range hood

The beauty of this style lies in its ability to merge elegance with simplicity. With a pleasing curvature, it’s a breakaway from the traditional linear designs, offering a visually soothing alternation that fits comfortably in a farmhouse set-up.

The choice of material is important. Raw materials like stone or brick accentuate the rustic charm, while more refined choices like brushed nickel provide a modern twist.

To add a touch of character, consider ornamental detailing along the sides or scrolling woodwork for an antique allure. Well-placed lighting fixtures, discreet yet effective, can highlight these details while providing functional illumination.

Storage remains key even with style in focus. Practical shelving, subtly merged within the design, helps maintain the balance between aesthetics and utility desired in a farmhouse kitchen.

Mixed Metal And Wood Range Hood

mixed metal and wood range hood

Balancing a rustic and industrial aesthetic, this style smartly uses the contrast of textures and colors. Start by choosing woods and metals that complement each other. Light, weathered woods pair well with darker metals like iron or bronze. In contrast, rich, warm woods bring out the best in lighter metals such as stainless steel or aluminum.

Remember, this style is about harmonizing contrasts. Therefore, try to incorporate a metal body with wooden trim or a wooden body with metal accents, or even a combination of both to emphasize the bold juxtaposition. The key is to maintain a balance so that neither element overwhelms the other.

From a functionality perspective, make sure both materials are finished and treated properly to avoid damage due to heat or moisture. The durability and longevity of your range hood depend on this. The mixed metal and wood range hood brings a unique, eye-catching element to your kitchen, making sure it’s not only a place to cook but also a captivating focal point.

Copper Accents On Range Hood

copper accents on range hood

Copper, with its warm aesthetic properties, can act as a brilliant accent on your range hood. The material imparts a rustic charm, instantly adding to the farmhouse vibe.

Whether you choose a full copper hood or opt for copper trims, both offer visual appeal and an elegant contrast to wooden cabinetry.

For a streamlined look, select lacquered copper. Raw copper, on the other hand, will patina over time, creating a lived-in look that embodies the heart of farmhouse design.

It’s important to maintain some balance, though. Complement your copper hood with other copper elements such as pots, pans, or light fixtures to tie the kitchen décor together cohesively.

Remember, copper has antimicrobial properties, making it a functional choice as well as an ornamental one.

Affordability may be a concern, but recall that quality and longevity are primary considerations for fixtures like range hoods.

No doubt, a copper-accented range hood can be a captivating focal point in your farmhouse kitchen.

Oversized Farmhouse Style Range Hood

oversized farmhouse style range hood

Oversized range hoods certainly create a statement. In a farmhouse kitchen, they offer the dual function of ensuring ventilation and acting as a dramatic centerpiece. But there’s more to this choice than mere aesthetics.

The enhanced coverage area of these large hoods provides superior smoke and odor control, vital in a kitchen where large, hearty meals are often prepared. They also offer extra space for built-in lighting, a practical feature for illuminating your workspace.

Their bold, eye-catching presence is a boon for the overall layout. It creates a focal point culminating the design elements around it. Cast iron pots hanging on a rack, a decorative shelf with ceramic jars, or even a beautiful backsplash can be highlighted splendidly with this hood style.

Remember to ensure appropriate scaling while opting for an oversized hood; it should not overcrowd the kitchen. To maintain harmony, balance it with other large elements like a kitchen island.

The rustic charm of an oversized farmhouse-style range hood comes alive with the right choice of materials – Woods with a rough finish, copper with a patina, or even distressed metals can provide that old-world allure. But go for a finish that seamlessly blends with the kitchen’s palette for a cohesive look.

Multilevel Rustic Range Hood

multilevel rustic range hood

This type of range hood brings depth and character to your kitchen. It’s perfect for homes with tall ceilings, drawing the eye upward and enhancing the room’s spaciousness.

The multi-level design allows for added design elements like contrasting colors, materials, or textures. You can use reclaimed wood for a noticeably rustic appeal and install large industrial-chimney style overheads to seal the raw look.

Alternatively, you can mix materials like metals and wood or opt to accessorize with iron straps and tacks for an extra rustic feel.

Remember, the broader the hood, the more powerful your ventilation needs to be, so consider this when designing your multi-level rustic range hood.

Reclaimed Material Range Hood

reclaimed material range hood

Sourcing materials from old barns or antique stores can add character and a layer of history to your kitchen. It’s a trendy practice that’s not only sustainable but also transforms your hood into a unique focal point.

Here are some key considerations when adopting this style:

  • Type of Material: Wood, metal, or a blend of both can be used depending on the overall farmhouse decor of your kitchen. Rustic, time-weathered wood or patina-rich copper offers a truly authentic feel.
  • Finish: While the principal attraction is the raw, rugged charm, ensure that the reclaimed material is finished properly to withstand the heat and grime that come with kitchen use.
  • Size and Shape: Reclaimed materials offer versatility. Design your range hood to blend with the existing kitchen format, be it sizable and bold or sleek and unassuming.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that your chosen materials blend with the color scheme and overall aesthetic of your cooking area. Too much of a contrast might make it seem out of place.
  • Professional Installation: Enlisting a professional will ensure that your range hood is thoroughly cleaned, installed correctly and functions efficiently.

Vintage-Inspired Range Hood

vintage inspired range hood

For a one-of-a-kind addition to your kitchen, consider incorporating a vintage look.

These range hoods draw inspiration from past decades, exuding a charm and character unique to older styling.

Often, they feature intricate detailing, such as mosaic or tile embellishments, and muted colors that add a touch of elegance.

To get this look, try to find restored antique range hoods, which can often be found at local thrift stores, antique shops or online.

Alternatively, you can mimic the vintage appearance by using a patina finish on a standalone range hood.

It would also be helpful to incorporate design elements like decorative mouldings or vintage signage to enhance its nostalgic appeal.

Remember, while aesthetics are important, it’s equally crucial to ensure that your vintage-inspired range hood is functional.

Equipped with modern mechanicals, your vintage statement piece can still provide efficient ventilation while standing as a testament to design trends of the past.

Industrial Chic Range Hood

industrial chic range hood

Industrial chic is all about celebrating the gritty, raw aesthetics of warehouse and factory elements. When it comes to range hoods, this style is conveyed through materials like exposed bricks and stainless steel.

1. Exposed Brick: This feature is the quintessential backdrop for industrial chic. As for the hood, opt for one with a steel finish. The contrasting texture accentuates the hood and creates an impressive visual experience.

2. Stainless Steel: The robust and sleek surface of stainless steel screams industrial chic. Its shine gives a polished look, while its durability guarantees long-term performance.

3. Ductwork Display: Don’t hide those ducts. Let them be seen and appreciated as part of your industrial range hood design. A visible duct adds authenticity and contributes to the overall ‘unfinished’ look.

4. Hardware Details: Boost your range hood’s industrial edge by adding rivets, brackets, or even visible welding seams. These could provide a full-on warehouse theme and add an aggressive note to your farmhouse kitchen.

These elements amalgamate to create a range hood design with a tough, gritty industrial charm that will boldly anchor your farmhouse kitchen.

Upcycle Farm Tools for Range Hood

upcycle farm tools for range hood

There’s an undeniable charm in creatively repurposing vintage farm equipment. For a unique touch in your kitchen, consider using old farm tools like pitchforks, ladders, or shovels as part of your range hood design.

To successfully pull this off, here are some considerations:

  • Sourcing: Try local flea markets, online marketplaces, or family barns for authentic tools. Ensure they are clean and safe for kitchen use.
  • Integration: Your designer or contractor can help integrate the item into the design, enhancing the rustic atmosphere.
  • Highlighting: Use suitable lighting to accentuate these elements. Soft, warm light can evoke nostalgic sentiments.

As always, these elements should blend harmoniously with your overall farmhouse style.

Brick and Wood Combination Range Hood

brick and wood combination range hood

Implementing this design brings two natural elements together, creating an organic yet industrial aesthetic. Using brick as a backdrop for the wood range hood adds textural variety to your kitchen while maintaining that rustic farmhouse charm.

1. Keep contrasts in mind: Choose lighter wood against darker brick or vice versa to highlight each material’s unique texture and color.

2. Use reclaimed brick and wood: These materials offer authenticity and sustainability while bringing a story into your space.

3. Try different wood finishes: Unfinished, distressed, or polished wood can bestow an entirely different look.

4. Consider plaster accents: A plaster moulding between the materials can provide a smooth transition and add an extra decorative touch.

5. Follow symmetry rules: Keeping the hood centralized with the brick surround gives a neat, balanced appearance.

By matching brick and wood effectively, your range hood can be a remarkable, rustic centerpiece in your farmhouse kitchen.

Ornate Farmhouse Style Range Hood

ornate farmhouse style range hood

An ornate farmhouse style range hood serves as a rich focal point in any kitchen. Enlisting the help of a craftsperson for this handmade metal project often guarantees the charm and elegance that accompany a customized piece. Intricate detailing, from botanical engravings to filigree accents, can help flirt with the traditional aesthetics.

Several factors contribute to the appeal of this style:

  • 1. Royal Appeal: Fancy scrolls, flourishes, and embellishments deliver a regal look.
  • 2. Customizability: Metal workers can typically accommodate unique design requests to create one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • 3. Contrast: Fortune favors the bold. Pairing an ornate hood with more toned-down kitchen decor can create a striking visual harmony.

Remember to aim for decorative balance. Too many competing elements can make a room feel chaotic rather than classy. Let your ornate range hood take center stage.

Minimalistic, Slender Farmhouse Style Range Hood

minimalistic slender farmhouse style range hood

Slim and sleek styling redefines the heavy, bold features traditionally associated with farmhouse style range hoods. It brings a fresh, modern touch to your kitchen without compromising on the rustic charm.

Incorporate natural materials such as thin slabs of wood or delicately veined marble to maintain an authentic connection with nature. Stainless steel is also a fine choice for a more contemporary feel.

In keeping with the minimalistic approach, opt for linear, simple designs, avoiding excessive decoration or elaborate shapes. Remember, with this style less, is often more.

Illumination plays a crucial role as well. Soft under-hood lighting not only enhances practicality but also adds a warm, inviting glow.

The height of the range hood should comfortably accommodate your standard kitchen activities without obstructing the view or movement. This configuration is particularly beneficial for petite kitchens, assisting in creating the illusion of a more spacious area.

Ultimately, the slender farmhouse range hood is a harmonious blend of simplicity, functionality, and rustic elegance.

Range Hood With Hidden Lighting

range hood with hidden lighting

Incorporating hidden lighting into a hood serves a dual purpose – it combines both function and aesthetics. A low-profile light beneath the hood not only enhances visibility on your stove but also accords a warm, inviting ambiance to your kitchen.

Go for LED strip lights or puck lights, which can be easily installed under the hood. These come in an array of colors, allowing you to set them according to your mood or the time of day. You can even opt for dimmable lights that can be adjusted for cooking or dining.

Consider the tone of light that best suits your farmhouse style. For instance, softer, yellow-toned lights can create a cozy atmosphere, while white-blue tones project a clean, modern feel.

This method is both functional and desirable and helps provide a practical and atmospheric lighting solution for your cooking.

Corrugated Metal Range Hood

corrugated metal range hood

For a more rugged, yet trendy look, corrugated metal is a stellar choice. Its distinct texture adds a different dimension to the kitchen aesthetics while keeping to the rustic feel. It’s low-maintenance and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for busy cooks.

The design is incredibly versatile, coming in a variety of finishes like galvanized steel or oxidized iron, for added rural charm. Paired with exposed wooden beams or rustic lighting, it can create a favorable impressive setup.

Opting for a corrugated metal range hood can make your kitchen an exciting blend of modish and country.

Woven Wicker Detail Range Hood

woven wicker detail range hood

Adding a touch of wicker isn’t just for porch furniture and picnic baskets. It can effortlessly uplift the decor by infusing a bit of countryside charm and warmth. To incorporate this, consider using wicker panels on the front face of your range hood.

This detail can blend with nearly any color scheme and compliments other natural materials used in your kitchen, such as wood or stone countertops. It’s crucial, however, to ensure the wicker is properly sealed to guard against heat or grease damage.

Furthermore, depending on the specifics of your decor, you may feature a more pronounced, wider weave or opt for something subtler. Accentuate this unique detail by surrounding the hood with simple, solid-colored cabinets. This allows the texture and natural beauty of the wicker to truly shine, creating an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your kitchen.

Remember, although unusual, wicker range hoods certainly provide an eye-catching alternative to the traditional steel, wood, or tile designs.

Hand Painted Details On Range Hood

hand painted details on range hood

Training your focus on the details, consider incorporating intricate hand-painted designs on your range hood. This option exudes craftsmanship and offers an avenue to create a unique focal point in your kitchen.

Opt for patterns that tie into the rest of your farmhouse decor, perhaps a floral design to echo the rustic curtains, or a rooster theme to match your dining set.

This is not just limited to painting timber range hoods. Metals or even tiles can act as a canvas.

Do ensure to use heat-resistant paints and properly seal the finished artwork for durability and maintenance.

If DIY isn’t your forte, engaging a local artisan can keep this idea within reach.

Blend In With The Cabinetry Range Hood

blend in with the cabinetry range hood

Achieving a seamless look is simple with this design. This type of hood blends perfectly with the surrounding cabinetry, creating a cohesive and streamlined style that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It can be made to exactly match your cabinets, which is a primary characteristic of this hood style.

To achieve this, use the same color, material, and design as in the rest of your kitchen. This allows it to disappear into the background and helps other elements in your kitchen stand out. Also, ensure your contractor understands the overall aesthetic you aim to achieve, as this ensures the perfect blend with your existing cabinet design.

Remember, the hood still needs to be functional, so opt for a model that efficiently clears the air while staying whisper quiet to not disrupt your rustic country ambiance. Consider models with features like recirculating fans and built-in lights for optimal functionality.

Finally, a hood that matches your cabinetry adds an unexpected, personalized touch, making your kitchen design truly unique.

Repurposed Wind Vane Range Hood

repurposed wind vane range hood

Giving new life to old pieces is a key cornerstone of farmhouse style decor. A wind vane, with its rustic charm and weathered finish, can make for an inspired choice. After ensuring the wind vane is clean and safe for indoor use, mount it atop your range hood. This immediately features an artful focal point in your kitchen.

It’s important to ensure balance in size and design. The wind vane shouldn’t overwhelm your hood or conflict with other kitchen elements. Complement its metal with other rustic touches, such as hammered copper pots or barn-style lighting fixtures.

The wind vane’s patina will work well with a muted color palette, adding an authentic rustic feel. This idea effortlessly marries function and form, making your kitchen’s range hood not just a necessity, but a statement piece. Use clever positioning to keep the vane clear of cooktop flames and steam. Even within the simplicity of a farmhouse-style kitchen, you can create a stunning masterpiece with this repurposed wind vane range hood.

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