15 Fireplace Redo Ideas: Comprehensive Guide for Stunning Transformations

Last updated on March 2, 2024

Delving into fireplace redo ideas is necessary because refreshing your hearth can dramatically change the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

What's Inside

Before: Red Brick Overload, After: Subtle Stone Detailing

before red brick overload after subtle stone detailing

Transform the overwhelming presence of red brick by cladding it with a layer of light-colored stone that complements existing room tones.

The stone’s subtle texture adds a touch of sophistication, making the fireplace a modern yet timeless focal point.

This detailing not only refreshes the aesthetic but also creates a serene ambiance that elevates the entire space.

Before: Outdated Design, After: Industrial Metal Fireplace

before outdated design after industrial metal fireplace

Transforming an antiquated fireplace into a modern focal point, sleek industrial metal panels replace ornate wood or dated brick. The brushed steel or iron materials reflect contemporary tastes, offering a minimalist but visually striking aesthetic.

This update provides not only a fresh look but also a durable, low-maintenance surface that complements an urban or loft-style living space.

Before: Vintage Fireplace, After: Streamlined Electric Install

before vintage fireplace after streamlined electric install

Transform a dated fireplace by installing a sleek electric unit, marrying modern functionality with classic charm.

This upgrade offers a clean, energy-efficient heat source while maintaining the original structure’s character.

An electric insert provides a contemporary look with easy maintenance and remote-controlled convenience.

Before: Simple Wood Frame, After: Detailed Carved Wood Surround

before simple wood frame after detailed carved wood surround

Transform a plain wood-framed fireplace by adding an intricately carved wood surround for a touch of elegance.

This classical embellishment enhances the room’s aesthetic, becoming a focal point that merges art with function.

The detailed carvings can reflect personal style, from florals to geometric patterns, making the fireplace truly unique.

Before: A Fire Only, After: Fireplace With Integrated Sound System

before a fire only after fireplace with integrated sound system

Transform your fireplace experience with integrated audio, allowing for the ambience of a crackling fire alongside your favorite tunes.

Seamlessly blending technology and comfort, this innovative addition entertains while warming your space.

Enhance your living room’s functionality by turning a simple fire feature into a multimedia focal point.

Before: Traditional Bedroom Fireplace, After: Dual Sided Fireplace for Ensuite Luxury

before traditional bedroom fireplace after dual sided fireplace for ensuite luxury

Transform your bedroom retreat with a dual-sided fireplace that allows for warmth and ambiance to permeate both the sleeping space and the adjoining ensuite.

This luxurious feature not only adds an element of sophistication but also serves as a striking visual divider between the two areas.

Enjoy the ease of basking in the glow of your fireplace whether you’re unwinding in bed or soaking in the tub.

Before: Unused Space, After: Hidden Drawers Fireplace

before unused space after hidden drawers fireplace

Maximize storage by integrating discrete drawers around your hearth, ideal for tucking away seldom-used items.

A sleek facade conceals the compartments, maintaining a clean aesthetic in your living space.

This functional enhancement turns an otherwise static structure into a versatile, space-saving feature.

Before: Lifeless Limestone, After: Bold, Colorful Mosaic

before lifeless limestone after bold colorful mosaic

Transform a drab limestone facade by infusing it with a vibrant mosaic made from colorful glass or ceramic tiles. The lively pattern breathes new life into your hearth, becoming a captivating focal point for the room.

This artistic touch not only modernizes your space but also introduces a unique, personal element that reflects your style.

Before: Flat Fireplace, After: Three-Dimensional Fireplace

before flat fireplace after three dimensional fireplace

Transform a flat fireplace facade by adding floating shelves, ledge stone cladding, or mounting a mantel with depth and dimension.

Incorporate varying textures like smooth tiles against rustic wood elements to create a more dynamic visual interest.

Strategically installing accent lighting can highlight these three-dimensional features, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room.

Before: Heat Source, After: Added Fireplace Water Feature

before heat source after added fireplace water feature

Transforming your conventional fireplace into a multifunctional showpiece is as simple as incorporating a water feature. Enjoy the soothing ambience created by the combination of flickering flames and gentle cascades of water.

This dual-element design not only elevates the room’s warmth but also introduces a tranquil visual and auditory experience.

Before: Bland Fireplace, After: Retro-Inspired Pop Art Design

before bland fireplace after retro inspired pop art design

Transforming a lackluster hearth into a focal point, a retro-inspired pop art design infuses vibrant colors and iconic graphic elements. This design approach evokes a sense of nostalgia while creating a playful ambiance that stands out in any living space.

The use of bold shapes and cheeky imagery on the surround or screen pulls from ’60s and ’70s art trends, making the fireplace a conversation starter.

Before: Standard Hearth, After: Raised Platform Fireplace

before standard hearth after raised platform fireplace

Elevating the fireplace on a platform transforms it into a striking room feature, enhancing its presence and warmth.

This design not only draws the eye upward, making the room feel larger, but also provides a practical, cozy nook for sitting close to the fire.

With a variety of materials at your disposal, from polished concrete to luxurious marble, the platform itself can be customized to fit your aesthetic and functional preferences.

Before: Cold Stone, After: Warm Distressed Wood

before cold stone after warm distressed wood

The transformation replaces a stark stone facade with the inviting texture of distressed wood, infusing the space with warmth.

This design choice adds a rustic charm that makes the fireplace a cozy focal point in the room.

The distressed wood mantel creates an earthy, natural atmosphere that enhances the ambiance of any fire-lit evening.

Before: Clunky Firewood Storage, After: In-Built Log Compartment

before clunky firewood storage after in built log compartment

Transform the area around your fireplace by replacing bulky wood storage with sleek, in-built log compartments. These compartments can be seamlessly integrated into the existing structure, providing a tidy and stylish solution for firewood.

With this design, wood becomes a part of the fireplace’s visual appeal, rather than a cluttered afterthought.

Before: Uneventful Surround, After: Mirror Mosaic Fireplace Fascination

before uneventful surround after mirror mosaic fireplace fascination

Transform your mundane fireplace into a dazzling focal point with a mirror mosaic surround that amplifies light and adds a touch of glamour to the room.

The reflective tiles catch the dance of the flames, creating a mesmerizing effect that animates the space.

This eye-catching design not only enhances the ambiance but also gives the illusion of a larger, more open area.

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