20 Fireplace with Mirrors on Each Side Ideas for a Stylish Home

Last updated on January 1, 2024

In this article, you will be delving into the striking world of symmetry, elegance, and illumination because mirroring the sides of a fireplace can dramatically transform the aesthetic of your space.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Diving straight into the world of home decor with an eye-catching focal point: fireplaces with mirrors on each side. While the internet is teeming with timeless classics, this article aims to strike out on the innovative path of fresh, unique ideas.

Whether you’re looking to rekindle an old fireplace or planning an entire décor from scratch, these suggestions are going to set your creativity aflame. In the spirit of comprehensive content, you’ll also find resources linked to some of the best existing ideas at the end of this article.

So, brace yourself for an enlightening journey through decor possibilities that seamlessly weave the warmth of a fireplace with the depth of mirrors. Each idea is a well-researched new angle, curated with a vision to help you refresh your space, making it truly your own.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

What's Inside

Pair of Multi-panel Mirror Design On Either Side of Rustic Fireplace

pair of multi panel mirror design on either side of rustic fireplace

A pair of multi-panel mirrors creates a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance, complementing a rustic fireplace’s natural charm. The repeated reflections enhance room brightness and give the illusion of a larger space.

This symmetrical arrangement acts as a visual anchor, balancing the room’s aesthetics and drawing attention to the fireplace as the focal point.

Vintage Ornate Mirrors Above Fireplace Framed By Bookshelves

vintage ornate mirrors above fireplace framed by bookshelves

Placing vintage ornate mirrors above your fireplace adds a touch of elegance and reflects intricate design details that catch the eye.

The combination with framed bookshelves brings both sophistication and warmth, infusing the space with literary charm.

This setup enhances the room by creating a focal point that is both functional for storage and aesthetically pleasing.

Shabby Chic Style Mirrors Combined With Brickwork Fireplace

shabby chic style mirrors combined with brickwork fireplace

Distressed frames on the shabby chic mirrors introduce a sense of vintage charm when flanking a rough-textured brick fireplace. The soft reflections of light from these mirrors contrast with the solidity of the bricks, enhancing the room’s warmth and coziness.

Positioning mirrors on either side balances the aesthetic, creating an inviting and harmonious focal point.

Contemporary Oval Mirror Above Marble Finish Fireplace

contemporary oval mirror above marble finish fireplace

A sleek oval mirror frame complements the clean lines of a marble fireplace, enhancing its modern aesthetic.

The curved shape of the mirror introduces a softness that balances the angular architecture of the surround.

Strategically positioned, the mirror amplifies light and adds depth to the room’s design.

Circular Sunburst Mirrors With an Antique Wood Fireplace

circular sunburst mirrors with an antique wood fireplace

Circular sunburst mirrors add a dynamic contrast to the static lines of an antique wood fireplace, creating a focal point that draws the eye upward. Their radial lines echo the warmth and energy of a fire, reinforcing a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere.

This combination marries the rustic charm of vintage wood with the chic elegance of mid-century modern design.

Mirror Tiles Framing a Minimalist Concrete Fireplace

mirror tiles framing a minimalist concrete fireplace

Enhance the clean lines of a minimalist concrete fireplace with the reflective charm of mirror tiles.

These tiles can be arranged in a grid to add subtle texture and light diffusion to the space.

The sleek, mirrored surfaces juxtapose against the rough concrete, creating a balanced, modern aesthetic.

French Style Trumeau Mirrors With a Stone Mantel Fireplace

french style trumeau mirrors with a stone mantel fireplace

Incorporate French elegance with trumeau mirrors, marked by their characteristic painted or carved panel atop, enhancing the charm of your stone mantel fireplace.

The verticality of trumeau mirrors complements the horizontal span of the mantel, creating a balanced visual symmetry.

The soft, historical appeal of these mirrors adds a layer of sophistication and a sense of history to your living space.

Stained Glass Mirrors Alongside an Outdoor Fireplace

stained glass mirrors alongside an outdoor fireplace

Stained glass mirrors add a pop of color and artistic flair to the natural backdrop of an outdoor setting.

They create a stunning visual effect when the sunlight filters through, casting a warm, inviting glow around the fireplace.

The reflective properties of the glass enhance the fire’s brilliance, especially as the day turns to dusk.

Tall, Slim Mirrors With Sconces On the Side of an Edwardian Fireplace

tall slim mirrors with sconces on the side of an edwardian fireplace

Tall, slim mirrors emphasize the height of the room, balancing the grandeur of an Edwardian fireplace.

Sconces mounted on either side provide a symmetrical, soft illumination that enhances the ambiance.

The reflective surfaces magnify light and warmth, creating an intimate yet elegant setting.

Oversized Floor Mirror Next to a Scandinavian Inspired Fireplace

oversized floor mirror next to a scandinavian inspired fireplace

An oversized floor mirror creates the illusion of a larger space, enhancing the clean lines and warmth of a Scandinavian-style hearth. This element brings in natural light and reflects the minimalist aesthetic typical of Nordic design.

Positioning the mirror adjacent to the fireplace allows it to act as a statement piece that complements the simple and functional décor.

Industrial Style Mirrors With Black Iron Fireplace

industrial style mirrors with black iron fireplace

Enhance the robust aesthetic of a black iron fireplace with industrial-style mirrors, featuring minimalist frames and a raw metal finish.

These mirrors add depth and reflect light, softening the hard lines of the industrial decor.

Each mirror acts as a statement piece that complements the fireplace’s strong presence, tying the room together with a balance of form and function.

Mosaic Mirror Designs With an Art Deco Fireplace

mosaic mirror designs with an art deco fireplace

Incorporate fragmented glass or colored tiles around the mirror’s frame to echo the geometric patterns characteristic of an Art Deco aesthetic.

Pairing these mosaic mirrors with the fireplace can add a burst of visual interest and reflect the intricate designs typical of the period.

Strategically placed, these mirrors can amplify the fireplace’s grandeur while enhancing the room’s light and depth.

Chalk Painted Mirror Frames On Either Side of Country Style Fireplace

chalk painted mirror frames on either side of country style fireplace

Chalk-painted frames introduce a cozy, homemade charm to each side of a country-style hearth, complementing the informal essence of rural decor.

The matte finish of the paint creates a subtle contrast against the warmth of the fireplace, enhancing the room’s comforting atmosphere.

Their customizable nature allows for easy color coordination with existing furnishings, effortlessly integrating into the overall design scheme.

Layering Mirrors With Different Shapes and Sizes Around Fireplace

layering mirrors with different shapes and sizes around fireplace

Layering mirrors creates a captivating visual mosaic that enhances the depth and light around the fireplace. By mixing various shapes and sizes, you can craft an eclectic yet harmonious arrangement that serves as an artistic focal point.

This mirror arrangement not only reflects light to brighten the room but also adds a dynamic texture to the fireplace setting.

Gothic Arched Mirrors With a Castle-stone Fireplace

gothic arched mirrors with a castle stone fireplace

Gothic arched mirrors enhance the medieval charm of a castle-stone fireplace, creating an ambiance reminiscent of historic splendor. Their tall, pointed design draws the eye upward, making the room appear larger and more grandiose.

The intricate frames of these mirrors can echo the stonework’s rugged texture, forging a harmonious balance between elegance and rusticity.

Wooden Carved Mirrors Flanking a Colonial Style Fireplace

wooden carved mirrors flanking a colonial style fireplace

Wooden carved mirrors add a touch of elegance and a historical feel, perfectly complementing the colonial fireplace’s stately charm.

The intricate carvings on the wood create a focal point, enhancing the fireplace’s grandeur while bringing symmetry to the space.

Strategically placed, these mirrors can amplify the room’s natural light and further elevate the warm atmosphere.

Mirrored Cabinets On Each Side of a Dual-sided Fireplace

mirrored cabinets on each side of a dual sided fireplace

Mirrored cabinets beside a dual-sided fireplace amplify light and add a sense of depth to the room. They offer practical storage space while maintaining a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic. This design choice enables functionality to merge with elegance, reflecting the warmth and ambience of the fire from multiple angles.

Candelabra-infused Mirror Frames With a Tudor Style Fireplace

candelabra infused mirror frames with a tudor style fireplace

Intricately designed candelabra-infused mirrors create a sense of historical elegance alongside a Tudor style fireplace.

The soft candlelight reflected in the mirrors amplifies the fireplace’s warmth and charm, enhancing the ambiance of the room.

These statement pieces serve both as functional lighting and as opulent decorative elements, drawing the eye and grounding the fireplace as a focal point.

Venetian Mirrors With a Rococo-style Fireplace

venetian mirrors with a rococo style fireplace

Venetian mirrors add an air of opulence and intricate design that complement the elaborate details of a Rococo-style fireplace.

Their signature etched borders and beveled edges create a sense of depth and lightplay in the room.

Strategically placed, these mirrors can amplify the grandeur of the fireplace, making it a focal point.

Mirrored Wall Panels Extending From a Contemporary Gas Fireplace

mirrored wall panels extending from a contemporary gas fireplace

Mirrored wall panels create a sleek and expansive effect in a modern living space, amplifying the light and visual impact of the flames. The reflective surface enhances the ambiance by doubling the presence of the fire, providing depth and a luxurious feel.

Integrating this design seamlessly blends the functionality of a gas fireplace with the aesthetic appeal of a contemporary art installation.

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