Follow These Guidelines and Declutter Your Home with Ease

Last updated on April 25, 2024

Decluttering your home is easier than you think with proper planning. Here’s how.

How often have you looked around your home and thought, “I really need to declutter”?

It could be whenever you open a closet door or look in a drawer. It could be when a company comes over, and you start to panic about where you will put everyone. Or it’s when you can’t find something you know you have but can’t locate.

Whatever the trigger, if decluttering your home has been on your mind for a while, follow these guidelines and finally get started.

What's Inside

Consider Renting a Dumpster

rented dumpster

At some point, we all need to declutter, and renting a dumpster can help us do that. Whether you’re completing an overhaul of your home or working on a time-sensitive construction project on a deadline, renting a dumpster could be the perfect solution for tackling excess waste and debris.

We’ve connected with dumpster rent professionals that rent a dumpster in Lafayette, LA and according to them, dumpsters come in various sizes and materials that can be tailored to your needs. That way, you can rest assured that your debris is being efficiently and responsibly disposed of.

If you need to declutter but don’t want the hassle of hauling the mess away, consider renting a dumpster; it might be the perfect solution for getting those projects done in one fell swoop.

Make a Plan and Set Some Goals


Being productive and successful in any aspect of life often involves decluttering and organization – both externally and internally. Figuring out what works for you is critical:

  • Make a plan.
  • Set some achievable goals.
  • Declutter your environment.
  • Declutter your thoughts.
  • Create more breathing room in your life.

Sometimes this requires experimentation – building good habits and breaking bad ones – but the results can be invaluable when decluttering an overcrowded physical or mental space.

What kind of decluttering have you done in your life so far? What else can you do? Make a plan and create measurable and achievable goals today to help tackle the clutter for a calmer and clearer tomorrow.

Start with One Room at a Time


Decluttering your home is no easy task; it can feel like an impossible challenge for many of us. However, decluttering does not need to be an all-or-nothing endeavor – instead, try taking one room at a time. Start with the room that brings you the most joy or has the biggest visual impact on your home.

By tackling one room at a time and decluttering in manageable chunks, your house will gradually become more organized and livable.

You will also be able to take pride in your progress in decluttering each space – something that might motivate you to move on to declutter the next area of your home.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items


Keeping unnecessary items around can take up valuable physical and mental space. To declutter and declaw the overwhelm, start by tackling bits and pieces. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn or used in two years – it’s a sign you no longer need it.

Donate what’s still in good condition to a charity, repurpose or recycle what’s still usable, and discard the rest responsibly. Uprooting old habits is never easy, but once you’ve taken the plunge and gotten rid of stuff that is not serving any purpose, you’ll be rewarded with more room for only the things that matter.

Develop Efficient Storage Solutions

large storage

Finding efficient storage solutions is one of the best ways to declutter your workspace and keep it neat over time. Consider using bins and shelves to hold often-used items in easy-to-reach places, while larger, rarely-used items can go into cabinets or drawers.

Additionally, think through how items will be used, and store them accordingly, so they can all be easily found. For example, a set of scissors kept in a mason jar on the desk makes for an attractive, decorative, functional display.

Making these smart choices about storage will help create an efficient system that will be easier to declutter later on.

Put Everything Else in Its Proper Place

putting things away

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff around us, especially living in a busy city. That’s why decluttering your home is essential for maintaining peace of mind and well-being. It doesn’t have to be hard; start by taking everything out of each room and setting aside items you don’t often use or have little meaning to you into a donation box.

As you focus on what needs to stay in each room, sort out items with a purpose and put them away in their proper place where they will be most helpful. When done regularly, decluttering can make it easier to find our favorite things when needed and ultimately bring some order back into our lives.

Restoring order in your home can have a transformative and calming effect, so don’t let this intimidating task keep you from embracing it. Make use of the steps we covered in this blog post. Every step furthers your progress. Before you know it, your living space will be restored to its original state.

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