Foundation Problems and How to Solve Them Quickly

Last updated on February 12, 2024

If your home has foundation problems, they’re easily noticeable, so you need to do something to prevent them. For that, proper foundation maintenance is essential, so take proper care of it and inspect it regularly.

Maintenance will not only save your foundation, but it will also keep your repair costs low. Yet, if some of the foundation problems occur, solve them quickly, and here is how to achieve that:

What's Inside

Prevent Deterioration

old house foundation

If your house suffers from aesthetic deterioration or other foundation issues, react immediately. For instance, this heritage stone restorations service deals with underlying foundation problems. This is especially important if you need stone restoration, and it’s possible to service buildings of various types.

Therefore, if you deal with foundation problems, find experienced repairmen who’ll do this work in a quick and quality way.

According to the experts from Quality House Leveling San Antonio, the foundation of your home is what keeps it stable and secure, so don’t hesitate to call for help as soon as you notice something has gone wrong.

Have a Regular Plumbing Inspection

drain plumbing

In ideal conditions, the inspection should be done every year for the sake of safety. Remember that plumbing leaks are one of the biggest causes of foundation issues, so call your plumber every now and then. 

Also, check for leaks in sprinkler systems, water and sewer lines, and any other part of your leaking system. If you notice even the slightest trace of a plumbing leak, contact a professional, and don’t let this destroy your foundation. The plumber will do hydrostatic testing to identify plumbing issues we can’t see.

Install a Root Barrier

If necessary, install a root barrier, which will help protect your foundation from invasive root systems. They can cause heaving in sidewalks, cracking in walls, and often sewer line issues. A root barrier must be installed by the experts in this field, and it’s commonly installed thirty inches deep and made of a thick rudder. That way, barriers help keep the roots away from your home.

Your Home Should Be on a Proper Slope

A proper slope ensures water flows away from your foundation and protects your home for a long time. Some call this type of slope a “Positive Slope”, and it will make a huge difference if taken into consideration before building a house. There is “Negative Slope” as well, and it’s bad for your foundation because it causes water to flow toward your house’s foundation. 

Moreover, properly grading the ground around your foundation is crucial for your yard. It should be about two percent per foot. Don’t neglect this if you want to have a strong and long-lasting foundation; it will pay off eventually.

A Drainage System Is Important

channel drainage

Foundation problems are often caused by a lot of water around your foundation. You can easily notice this because it rises above its surface or in its intended position. The major cause of this is negative sloping, which directs water faster toward the foundation than away from it. This is where the proper slope is important, as are gutters and downspouts. 

For that, ensure regular cleaning of your gutters because rainwater can overflow into the bricks of your foundation. Furthermore, if you notice certain problems even though you clean your gutters and downspouts regularly, consider installing a surface drain.

Take Care of Moisture Level

Take care that the moisture level around your foundation is consistent all the time. If it becomes too wet or dry, it will definitely cause foundation problems. Yet, with a proper water control program, you’ll be able to prevent massive damage. For instance, during dry periods, you have to water your foundation using a lawn sprinkler or an underground foundation watering system. Although this seems costly, it’s highly effective, and your foundation will be stable that way.

Check Your Home for Cracks

When you notice cracks in your home, be aware that the deterioration of your home’s foundation can be easily hastened. A routine inspection can be valuable in situations like these, so if any holes or cracks are visible, have them plugged. When you see cracks for the first time, consider possible leaks in your home, rain exposure, temperature, and certain changes in the cracks’ size. If this crack increases over time, contact a foundation repair specialist quickly.

Shimming Is Helpful

If you buy a new home, it can be built on ground that hasn’t been compacted before its foundations were constructed. When the house is complete, the soil can erode or shift, which creates gaps between the foundation and the rest of the house’s structure. 

This condition can cause further problems, so a quick reaction is necessary. What you can do is call a professional who’ll inspect the situation and decide that filling the gap with steel shims is necessary. These shims can work as a permanent solution, but if this doesn’t help, a more invasive repair must happen.

Professional Seal Cracks

If you have foundation issues, a professional will typically seal foundation cracks after inspecting and performing significant repairs. They often use hydraulic cement, polyurethane foam, or other necessary sealants that can keep groundwater and rainfall from entering the rooms of your home. Sealing cracks is often a must before finishing a basement to keep your walls dry. 

Hydraulic cement or specialized foam can provide sufficient support for foundations, and they don’t require other repairs, so opt for them if this type of support is necessary. As we’ve previously stated, foundation problems can cause damage to your home if you don’t react on time or postpone certain repairs. Don’t let this happen, but if you notice even the smallest crack, let it be a warning sign.

Finally, a home’s foundation is the basis of its structural integrity, functionality, and stability. When you’re taken care of, you don’t have any concerns about it. People who face problems with foundations claim it’s a real nightmare because it takes so much time to solve the problem. To prevent them, maintain it regularly, react when you notice something isn’t as it was, and opt for the real experts. It’s for the sake of your safety.

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