How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Last updated on October 10, 2023

The short version: on average, you should clean your carpets once or twice a week, doing a deep carpet cleaning every 6 to 12 months. But it depends on a few things…

We’re sure that we don’t need to tell you how practicing good moral hygiene constitutes good overall health. When deciding when and how often you should clean your carpets, several factors need to be considered. Usually, it’s best advised that you have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Unfortunately, several factors, such as pets, school-going children, and guests, mainly force our hands to maintain our carpets far more than usual.

But don’t worry, things like this happen to just about everybody. Nevertheless, we’re here to guide you about how often you need to be cleaning your carpet(s). But before we do that, we feel that we should let you know why it’s necessary to clean your carpets besides improving your interior aesthetics.

What's Inside

Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Carpet

clean carpet

Most people keep a carpet in their home to elevate the appeal of their interior space. but while that may be the case, it’s just as important, if not more important, to give your rug a proper clean up for the following reasons:

Improve Airflow

Believe it or not, dirty carpets can also pollute the quality of the air in our house. This happens as the carpet becomes clogged with dirt, debris, and dust particles compromising the airflow, especially in those areas along the walls where the air needs to move the most. After some time, you may notice that the room you’re in will become even stuffier as the carpet becomes more clogged up with dust and dirt.

Improve Our Health

Carpets are infamously known for harboring an entire ecosystem of bacteria, dust particles, and allergens. If you are anyone else in your household experiences breathing issues, this can lead to a wide range of other health issues, including allergies and asthma.

Improves the Look of Carpet and Room

Lastly, even though this is common sense, cleaning our carpets will improve our room’s overall appearance. The fibers don’t end up looking old and worn out and appear flat and rough by getting rid of the dust and dirt from our carpets.

Remove Stains and Spots

Like other soils, stains and spots can lead to more soiling. Immediately removing them protects the carpet from any more harm.

Now that we have considered the above factors, let’s look at how often we need to clean our carpets.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

deep cleaning carpet

The answer to this question depends on the type of household, traffic, and soil. For instance, those households with low traffic and dirt should be vacuumed once in a week and consider having their carpets deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months to ensure that both their carpets and interiors are kept in a neat and tidy condition.

Those households with medium dirt and traffic, especially smaller families with kids, consider vacuuming either once or twice a week and doing some deep carpet cleaning between 6 and 12 months.

Houses with heavier amounts of dirt and traffic, mainly families with smokers and pets, should consider extra carpet cleaning and vacuuming to get rid of dust, allergens, and dirt that nearly saturate your carpet. At best, we believe vacuuming about two or three times a week, and deep carpet cleaning every three or six months, should be enough to keep your entire family healthy, happy, but most importantly, clean.

Finally, those houses with huge families, with several pets, heavy soil, and traffic, need to consider daily vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning every two or three months. With all the extra dirt, allergens, and dust carried around in those houses, it would serve those families better to incorporate additional carpet cleaning to ensure both the home and the family are healthy, happy, and clean overall.

How Often Should You Clean Carpets if You Have Pets?

dog on a carpet

Pets naturally shed dander and hair wherever they go, and also invite all kinds of grime and dirt into the house from the outside.

If pet traffic is what you’re dealing with, then we recommend steam cleaning your carpets every four or six weeks. We suggest investing in your own steam cleaner so that you can easily access it every time you want.

Between steam cleaning, it’s also important to consider vacuuming every day. It might be a bit excessive, but it’s still necessary. As we said, vacuuming keeps you, your family, and the entire house clean, healthy, and happy.

If you discover any pet odor on your carpet, try baking soda to alleviate the smell. Just apply the baking soda solution on any affected carpet spot, let it remain there for 24 hours, and then vacuum the remains up.

Vacuum Regularly to Maintain Your Carpet’s Warranty

vacuum carpet

Even if you have a warranty on your carpet, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Most carpet warranties demand that homeowners have their carpets cleaned professionally every 12 or 24 months to ensure the coverage keeps going.

This way, you’ll help adequately maintain the carpet fibers because they do need immaculate upkeep. By hiring a professional steam cleaning service, you can help your carpet stay healthy for even longer and ensure it’s warranty also lasts longer just in case any unprecedented event occurs.

Before we wrap things up, we need to advise you about a couple of things when it comes to professional carpet cleaning or vacuuming.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

pro carpet cleaning

We’re not underestimating you and your house cleaning tactics, but sometimes there may be something that you may have missed during cleanup. That’s why you need to call a professional carpet cleaning company for the following reasons:

Dangerous Particles are Eliminated

Despite doing a good job with your vacuuming, sometimes finer dirt, debris, or dust particles may be deeply embedded in the fibers of your carpet. Some of those other tricky particles or dirt may include mildew, yeast, or mold, which could be dangerous for you and your family’s overall health. That’s why professional cleaners use certain treatments to fix this problem. With their treatments, every other speck of dirt or odor will be removed from your carpet fibers.

Extending a Carpet’s Lifetime

With a professional cleanup, you can also extend your carpet’s shelf life. Professional cleaners do just that thanks to their retreatment chemicals that are all fluorochemical-based.

If this is something you require, we recommend adding only a couple of drops of water on your carpet in those discolored areas, and see whether the droplets bead up or get absorbed.

Your Carpet Ends up Looking and Smelling Good

Experts use a highly effective cleaning solution, including Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning, to ensure that it gets into your carpet’s fibers while ensuring it isn’t over wet. That special solution doesn’t consist of any detergent, which in turn leaves residue behind that invites more dirt in the process.

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